Manifest - AI for eCommerce :)

Manifest - AI for eCommerce :)

Last month, I and ashu, while arguing on who writes better AI Prompts between us, led us to think, what's the best way to leverage AI for eCommerce?

And being part of eCommerce ecosystem now for more than 3 years, we felt it's time to contribute toward its benefit.

Our principles were very clear, we wanted to start with solving a high impact but a very simple use-case to begin with and finally spending couple of weekends on brainstorming and creating a war room with our 8 engineers, we jumped to the cause and.....

Today, we are excited to announce Manifest AI, an extended independent arm from BIK, which will be dedicated towards the mission to benefit eCommerce ecosystem with artificial intelligence and is a Work in Progress.

We believe AI is going to disrupt and fully transform how eCommerce is done today across the world.

We are releasing phase 1 of our work today, an AI shopping assistant for eCommerce stores, it replaces the traditional way of doing/showing:

  • Product Recommendations.
  • Product Search.
  • generic enquiries and more.

Here is a quick glimpse on how it works:

We are dedicated towards the mission of re-imagining and benefitting eCommerce ecosystem with AI and are truly committed to it.

We even believe our existing products at, will soon slowly transform towards Manifest Ecosystem and are eagerly waiting for the day to come and happen.

You can learn more about us here:

Excited for the future of eCommerce!

Thank you!