How Bathla drives 7.5X revenue with BIK by using broadcasting and personalized texts on multiple channels

How Bathla drives 7.5X revenue with BIK by using broadcasting and personalized texts on multiple channels

A professional, customer-centric brand that thoroughly believes in bringing about a positive change in the lives of its patrons, Bathla is a well-established name in the home industry today, known for its exceptional quality and high standards.

What initially began as an aluminium trading company in 1968, with the culmination of hard work by the directors, Bathla has now grown into a brand that spans several online platforms with 800+ household products in several growing categories that include necessities like bathroom accessories, mops, bins, cleaning supplies, ironing boards, cloth drying stands and more; all manufactured by a state-of-the-art production facility that creates the Bathla’s renowned products.

The Challenge

Bathla was founded in 1968 and has a strong reputation in the offline market, but getting into homes  (D2C Market) was something entirely new, and Bathla was prepared to take on this new challenge with BIK’s assistance. Additionally, when doing the broadcast, the customers sought 1:1 interactions and personalization to learn what looks and fits the best.

The Solution

bathla case study

Bathla joined BIK in 2022 and saw incredible returns on their investment.
“Within 4 weeks of signing up with BIK, I began utilizing their 1 month of free service, and thanks to WhatsApp broadcasting and BIK’s multi-channel sales CRM, my business saw a 7.5X boost in revenue.

The growth strategy manager at BIK developed tactics that consistently increased revenue. Amazing tactics, easy-to-use quick replies, templates, and the best part is that the platform is very user-friendly”Dev Bathla.

The Strategy

bathla marketing strategy

How BIK boosts customer interest in purchasing home products

The first thing BIK did for Bathla was sent WhatsApp broadcasting in order to reach the current database. Customers with large repurchase budgets who had made purchases a month earlier received it from us.

The season and location served as the basis for the templates that were created. For instance, residents in Bangalore were unable to dry their clothes outside due to the city’s unpredictable rain, and doing so indoors required more space and may not dry the clothes properly.

Thus, the Bathla Mobidry Exa Stainless Steel Ceiling Cloth Dryer – 6ft x 6 Pipes broadcast was chosen by the BIK strategy team. The second broadcast was created with Bangalore’s hard water in mind because it may lead to excessive hair loss, skin rashes, and other problems. Products like water purifiers + Aqua care shower facets were sent in broadcast to solve this real-time household problem.

How BIK’s CRM turns indecisive visitors into paying customers

The CRM from BIK is a multi-channel sales support platform. A dynamic CRM solution that assists organizations in managing client discussions across many messaging platforms, including WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, and email. Brands may also add additional employees from different departments to the account to guarantee that client inquiries are handled as quickly as feasible.

Customers who clicked, responded, or expressed an interest in the last broadcast. The sales representatives were assigned to figure out what was preventing the consumer from purchasing the product.

All customers requested to handle their questions about product size, correct customer requirements, and pricing, as a few customers were asking for festival discounts/promo codes. 1:1 connection with clients through phone and customer issues from other platforms such as Instagram, Messenger, and Whatsapp were answered on a single platform, BIK’s multi-channel sales CRM.

It enabled agents to quickly access Bathla’s Shopify store, from which they could instantly provide the product image, product description, and add to cart option for clients to make the purchase in one go.

The Result

Because Bathla Signed up with BIK resulted in enormous development in just four weeks. The brand was surprised to see the constant sales momentum and rigorous strategy implemented by growth managers, as promised during onboarding.

Bathla has also seen strong returns from broadcasting messages, personalized texts, and 1:1 engagement by agents, all of which help the brand automatically produce incremental revenue, including a 7.5X ROI on broadcasting messages.