How Recode is Driving Repeat Purchase Rate of 70% from their Website Using BIK

How Recode is Driving Repeat Purchase Rate of 70% from their Website Using BIK

Recode Studios is a cosmetic D2C brand formed by a group of seasoned cosmetic experts passionate and committed to driving excellence in the beauty and personal care industry. Recode is also one of the largest platforms selling a range of beauty products in India with 40+ brands onboarded on their Beauty Space.


Recode, whose average repeat purchase rate was 20% was struggling to drive revenues from current customers leading to low LTV and high CAC on a new acquisition. The cosmetic brand was looking for a partner to help them retain customers and automate retention revenues.


Recode partnered with BIK to implement multiple tools and strategies including post-purchase automation, gamification widgets, and QR-code for Marketplace’s leads capture to drive customer retention for its beauty products.


whastapp broadcasting

With Recode Studios, we first started with post-purchase automation on WhatsApp and Email including repeat purchase messages. Depending upon the lifecycle of the product, the existing customer received repeat order messages automatically, nudging the customer to restock with the entire purchase journey on chat. Every customer received personalized and target restocking messages with 76% of them either repeating the order or buying a different variant.

recode studio broadcast message
QR code based lead collection for Marketplace customers

Next, we used BIK’s QR code generator to retarget customers buying from Marketplaces including Amazon. To do so, Recode embedded a QR code generated from BIK in their product packaging with sweet messaging nudging the customer to scan to avail of 15% off on their next purchase. On scanning, the WhatsApp app is opened with a pre-filled message specific to the product type. Once sent, the lead is captured including contact details and product type.

Further, a chatbot instantly engaged with the customer by displaying the discount code. This data was then further utilized to automatically broadcast purchase messages after 3 months of their purchase of lipstick products. We were able to collect 86% of leads' contact details via QR-based scanning which was further retargeted.


Overall, our client Recode was able to drive 70% repeat purchase rate (compared to 20% initially). Recode generated 30% more revenue by redirecting the next purchase from their website instead of marketplaces saving them from marketplace commission.