How Zlade 2x its revenue and achieved 74x ROI within 30 days with BIK

How Zlade 2x its revenue and achieved 74x ROI within 30 days with BIK

Zlade is a modern-day personal grooming brand for both men and women. With a range of thoughtfully crafted products, from precision razors to nourishing haircare, elevate your self-care routine effortlessly. The brand has a core focus on the fusion of style, innovation, and sustainability embracing a new standard of grooming.


In spite of generating good traffic on their website from the marketing campaigns (including their celebrity brand ambassador, Milind Soman), the brand wasn’t seeing the expected revenue conversions.


BIK’s all-in-one marketing suite combines the powerful lead collection from welcome pops-up to automated journeys. This was further amplified by retargeting campaigns on WhatsApp and completed with holistic customer support on BIK’s multi-channel inbox.


The growth strategy managers at BIK analyzed the current traffic and revenue channels of the brand and synthesized that their marketing campaigns have a big-time leakage due to high website bounce rates.

Welcome Pop-ups for maximum conversions

whatsapp popup journey for new visitor

The team implemented reward-based welcome pop-ups capturing the new visitors’ phone numbers and emails (optional) in lieu of additional discounts. This was tied to automated journeys on WhatsApp so that whenever someone submits their contact details instantly receive a WhatsApp message with the discount code and the CTA link to shop. It added an extra brand recall value for the otherwise bounced users.

Additionally, we found the brand’s celebrity endorsement on the pop-up increased customer sign-ups due to increased credibility.

Results: The brand receives an additional 5% of website visitors as new leads of which 20% convert within 7 days of sign-up.

Advanced chat flows accelerating Amazon reviews

Apart from the regular automation journeys on WhatsApp like abandoned carts, and shipping updates, the brand implemented an interesting combination of QR code and chatbot on BIK that allowed them to:
a) Drive higher reviews on Amazon thereby boosting more sales from Amazon,
b) Complete user’s warranty registration by capturing their leads.

automated chatflows

Their packaging contains the WhatsApp redirecting QR code with the CTA to scan for warranty registration. When buyer scans this QR code, it automatically opens WhatsApp for them with a pre-filled message. On sending the message the chatbot on WhatsApp asks them to rate the product (if they like) on Amazon and share the screenshot on WhatsApp to avail additional offers.

Therefore with every redirection, the lead is captured and registered for warranty along with automatic review collection on Amazon. The brand could easily create the entire chat flow in minutes with BIK’s journey builder.

Result: The flow is driving thousands of customer reviews on Amazon every month along with 4x more customer data capture which has boosted the retargeting subscriber base.

WhatsApp campaigns with the highest ROI

Zlade leverages BIK’s advanced customer segmentation builder to pick the highest potential user cohorts (cart abandoners, recent buyers, etc.) and runs highly effective campaigns on product upsell (razor have quick consumption), warranty registrations, offers, and Amazon review submission. BIK being a BSP of META provides them a scalable solution with the highest delivery rates of 90% and above.

The customer segmentation feature helps the brand reach out to the right audience avoid spamming them and thereby prevent their WhatsApp number from getting blocked by Meta.

Result: Broadcasting on WhatsApp with BIK gives the brand exceptional read rates of up to 85% generating up to 89x sales ROI.

Multi-channel Inbox for streamlined customer support

The brand engages with customers on multiple channels including WhatsApp, Instagram, and Messenger but they had their teams distributed across platforms for handling customer conversations.

With BIK, the brand now has a central place to manage and analyze chats across all these platforms and deliver a superior customer experience. The brand has a big focus on customer service and has a decent number (< 10) of live agents team who are assigned chats from different sources in roaster within the BIK chat inbox.

zlade crm

The team uses advanced chat CRM features including product recommendations from the sidebar, customer 360-degree view on the console, quick replies, and CSAT/ NPS collection automation to handle hundreds of chats per day. The brand is also able to respond to post comments on Instagram and Facebook along with the inbox DMs from BIK itself.

Result: Within a month of BIK, the brand is now able to handle 58% more customer chats from a single platform, thereby opening up more channels for customer engagements.


Within 30 days of working with BIK, the brand has seen a drastic boom in revenues and customer experience. The handholding from BIK’s Growth Strategy managers on the product usage and strategies was keen on driving the impact.

The brand was able to double its revenues with BIK within a month of its implementation. Welcome, pop-ups alone are contributing to 40% of their total monthly revenues. Overall, the brand experienced 74x ROI from its investment in BIK.