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Manifest AI Product Updates- April'24

Manifest AI Product Updates- April'24

Just recently, we rolled out some incredibly exciting updates, and I'm thrilled to share them with you all 😄

Presenting the April 24 Product updates from Manifest AI!

Training quality insights (Revamped ‘Improve your responses’ tab)

We've revamped the 'Improve Your Responses' tab to provide you with a standardized template of questions for each intent. This enhancement is designed to help you assess the quality of data available for different intents.

  • Intent-level template of questions: Each intent (such as shipping policy or returns and refund policy) now features a predefined set of questions curated by us based on customer interactions across stores.
  • Auto-generated answers: Once your data has been synced, answers to these questions are auto-generated to help you see how your assistant would perform in real-life scenarios & help you identify any gaps
  • Training quality score: Upon evaluation, you receive a training quality score, indicating the level of detail and accuracy in your responses. This score offers valuable insights into areas requiring additional attention and refinement.
  • Option to train your assistant with ease: You can easily review, edit, or add additional answers to fine-tune responses based on your brand, and hence increase your training quality score.
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Intent-level visibility of unsatisfactory responses

We've introduced intent-level visibility of unsatisfactory responses, providing you with a streamlined way to enhance conversations for each intent.

Key Features:

  • Focused Correction: Easily identify and address unsatisfactory responses specific to each intent. This feature presents a comprehensive list of responses that require attention, enabling you to prioritize and make necessary corrections swiftly.
  • Efficient Correction Workflow: Take control of your response corrections. You have the flexibility to edit responses, skip questions, or revisit incomplete answers at your convenience.
  • Contextual Insights: Gain deeper context for unsatisfactory messages. Utilize the "View Full Conversation" button associated with each response to review complete conversations and refine responses effectively.

With this enhancement, you can efficiently optimize your AI assistant's performance at the intent level, ensuring improved response quality and enhanced customer interactions.


AI Quiz analytics

You can now see in-depth analytics about how your customers are engaging with the quiz you’ve configured using our AI-powered quiz builder.

Get insights about how many of your customers are completing the quiz, what are the most common responses for each question, which are the most recommended products & also which recommendations see the highest click-through rate!


Option to add a static “Chat with us” message with the chat widget and customize the greeting message shown in the chat interface

You can now also add a static message along with your chat widget to engage more customers & increase your interaction rates.

You also have the option to customize the greeting message shown in the chat interface to make your assistant even more aligned with your brand’s personality.


Variant-level product recommendations

We have enhanced our product recommendation algorithm to ensure the most relevant variant is recommended when your customers ask for a query.


manifest product recommendation


product recommendation feature

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