Manifest - Product Vision : Modelling Generative AI for eCommerce

We at Manifest AI are working toward the goal of providing the best experience to both the customer and the brand.

Manifest - Product Vision : Modelling Generative AI for eCommerce

At Manifest, we don't see eCommerce as a funnel leading to purchase, rather as a spider web of multiple touch points between consumer and the Brand which eventually results into a purchase or a drop-off.

Given the way eCommerce is done today, the only visibility we as humans have are the web events and the final state (drop off/purchase) which is very limited to give out an experience that's truly personalised and far from what what a consumer gets offline while interacting with humans.

Our goal at Manifest is to influence the next step in a consumer's journey in a good way that benefits both consumer & the brand.

Manifest divides consumer's journey into infinite states, here are few of them :

  1. Consumer about to drop off -> Manifest to pre-empt & stop it.

2. Consumer about to make a purchase -> Manifest preempts and increases the AoV for the brand.

Few Examples:

Manifest : Probably, the tote yellow bag will go extremely well with what you have added. Shall i add this to cart?
Manifest: The small pack that you have added is costing you 10% more, shall i replace it with bigger pack?

3. Consumer troubled with search -> Manifest navigates & shows up the relevant result

Consumer Search: Black halter neck swimsuit?

Manifest: Size, can i assume L? That's about 34 variety i have in this category. If you allow me to show you greyish black as well, i can present you with 150+ varieties. Shall i go ahead?

4. Consumer is indecisive -> Manifest becomes the coach and start recommending products.

Manifest : Why can't we just start with lipstick and then go with deciding which blush will suit you the best, cool ? 

5. Consumer is agitated -> Manifest to pacify

6. Consumer finding hard to trust -> Manifest builds the trust showcasing all the highlights.

Customer: Browsing product reviews for a very long time and mostly focusing on 1 stars.

Manifest: Let me summarise the pros and cons of all the reviews here for you! 98% people says the product was delivered on time and 1 stars are mostly on the incorrect size that they have received, i would recommend you to order a size larger than your usual to avoid facing similar issue.

The above are few examples my mind can think of. Now imagine leaving generation of these prompts to Manifest? that's trained on your data? - The potential is infinite!

There are infinite touch points, infinite next steps in a consumer's journey. To be truly be able to deploy AI to give extremely personalised experience would be our mission to achieve in upcoming months at Manifest!

If you want to check out phase 1 of our work, you can get started for free here.

Excited for the future of eCommerce!

Thank you :)