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Omnisend vs Klaviyo: Pricing, Features, and More

Omnisend vs Klaviyo: Pricing, Features, and More

Omnisend and Klaviyo are two of the most popular email marketing platforms on the market. Both platforms offer a wide range of features to help businesses of all sizes create and send effective email campaigns.

But which platform is right for you?

In this blog post, we will compare Omnisend and Klaviyo in terms of pricing, features, and more. We will also discuss the pros and cons of each platform to help you make an informed decision.

Klaviyo vs Omnisend at a Glance

omnisend vs klaviyo

Both Omnisend and Klaviyo are powerful email marketing platforms with a wide range of features. Omnisend is a good choice for businesses of all sizes, but it is especially well-suited for ecommerce businesses. Klaviyo is a good choice for businesses of all sizes, but it is especially well-suited for businesses with a large number of subscribers or complex email marketing needs.

Omnisend vs Klaviyo: Cost

Omnisend vs klaviyo cost

Omnisend and Klaviyo offer different pricing structures based on the number of subscribers and the features included in their plans. Here's a brief comparison of the pricing for both platforms:

Omnisend Pricing:

  • Free Plan: Omnisend offers a free plan with limited features. It allows you to send up to 15,000 emails per month, and you can use basic email marketing features. This plan is suitable for small businesses with a limited budget.
  • Standard Plan: Omnisend's paid plans start at $16 per month when billed annually. This plan includes features like email automation, segmentation, and sign-up forms. Pricing is based on the number of subscribers, and it can range from $16 to $2,000+ per month, depending on your subscriber count.
  • Pro Plan: Omnisend offers a Pro plan with more advanced features, including SMS marketing, Facebook custom audiences, and priority support. Pricing varies based on the number of subscribers and starts at $99 per month when billed annually.

Klaviyo Pricing:

  • Free Plan: Klaviyo offers a free plan for businesses with up to 250 email contacts. It includes core email marketing features, but it has limited automation capabilities.
  • Paid Plans: Klaviyo's paid plans are based on the number of email contacts and the number of emails sent. Pricing starts at $20 per month for up to 500 contacts and unlimited emails. As your contact list grows, the pricing increases accordingly. Klaviyo also offers a pay-as-you-go pricing option for businesses that send occasional emails.
  • Custom Pricing: For larger enterprises and businesses with high email volumes, Klaviyo offers custom pricing plans tailored to specific needs. The pricing for these plans varies based on the scale and requirements of the business.

Omnisend vs Klaviyo: Features

Omnisend and Klaviyo are two popular email marketing platforms that offer a range of features for e-commerce businesses. Here's a comparison of their features:

Omnisend Features

omnisend features

Email Marketing:

  • Omnisend provides email marketing tools, including email templates and a drag-and-drop email editor for creating visually appealing emails.
  • It offers personalized email content based on user behavior and preferences.
  • Omnisend allows for A/B testing of email campaigns to optimize performance.


  • Omnisend includes workflow automation with pre-built automation templates for common e-commerce scenarios, such as abandoned cart recovery and product recommendations.
  • It supports advanced automation features like segmentation and user behavior triggers.

SMS Marketing:

  • Omnisend integrates SMS marketing into its platform, allowing businesses to reach customers via text messages.
  • It offers automated SMS workflows for customer engagement.

Signup Forms:

  • Omnisend provides customizable signup forms for capturing leads and building your subscriber list.
  • Forms can be embedded on your website or hosted by Omnisend.


  • Omnisend offers segmentation tools to create targeted email campaigns based on customer data and behavior.
  • You can segment your audience by factors like purchase history, location, and more.

Reporting and Analytics:

  • Omnisend provides detailed reporting on email performance, including open rates, click-through rates, and revenue generated.
  • It tracks customer engagement and conversion metrics.

Klaviyo Features

klaviyo features

Email Marketing:

  • Klaviyo offers robust email marketing features, including customizable email templates and a visual email builder.
  • It provides advanced personalization options based on customer data and behavior.


  • Klaviyo is known for its powerful automation capabilities, allowing businesses to create complex, behavior-triggered workflows.
  • It supports dynamic email content and advanced timing options.


  • Klaviyo provides advanced segmentation tools for creating highly targeted email campaigns.
  • Segmentation can be based on a wide range of factors, including purchase history, browsing behavior, and engagement.

Analytics and Reporting:

  • Klaviyo offers detailed analytics and reporting to track the performance of email campaigns and automation workflows.
  • It provides insights into customer behavior and revenue attribution.

Personalized Recommendations:

  • Klaviyo includes product recommendations based on customer behavior, helping to drive sales and increase average order value.

Abandoned Cart Recovery:

  • Klaviyo's abandoned cart recovery features are highly customizable and effective at recovering lost sales.

Omnisend vs Klaviyo for Shopify: Pros & Cons

Here is a comparison of the pros and cons of Omnisend and Klaviyo:

Omnisend pros & cons


  • Affordable pricing, especially for businesses with a small number of subscribers
  • Native SMS marketing
  • User-friendly interface
  • 24/7 customer support


  • Limited features compared to Klaviyo
  • Not as well-suited for businesses with complex email marketing needs

Klaviyo pros & cons


  • Wide range of features, including support for omnichannel marketing
  • Well-suited for businesses with complex email marketing needs
  • Powerful email automation and segmentation capabilities
  • Good customer support


  • More expensive than Omnisend, especially for businesses with a small number of subscribers
  • Can be more complex to use than Omnisend
  • Customer support is not available 24/7

Omnisend vs Klaviyo: Integrations

Omnisend and Klaviyo are email marketing platforms that offer integrations with various e-commerce platforms, tools, and services. Here's a comparison of their integration capabilities:

Omnisend Integrations

omnisend integrations

E-commerce Platforms:

  • Omnisend seamlessly integrates with popular e-commerce platforms, including Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, Magento, and PrestaShop.
  • These integrations allow for easy synchronization of customer data, product information, and order history.

API Integration:

  • Omnisend provides an API (Application Programming Interface) that enables custom integrations with other apps and services. This flexibility allows you to connect Omnisend with additional tools tailored to your business needs.

SMS Marketing Integrations:

  • Omnisend offers integrations with SMS marketing services, allowing you to leverage text messaging as part of your marketing strategy. Common SMS integrations include Twilio and SMSBump.

Web Tracking and Analytics:

  • Omnisend can be integrated with web tracking and analytics tools like Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel, enabling you to gather valuable data on customer behavior and campaign performance.

E-commerce Apps and Plugins:

  • Omnisend provides plugins and apps for additional functionality. For instance, you can use Omnisend's sign-up forms and pop-ups to capture leads and grow your subscriber list.

Klaviyo Integrations

klaviyo integrations

E-commerce Platforms:

  • Klaviyo offers seamless integrations with various e-commerce platforms, including Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, and more.
  • These integrations allow for the synchronization of customer data, order information, and product catalogs.

API Integration:

  • Klaviyo provides a robust API that enables custom integrations with other applications and services. This API allows for extended functionality tailored to your business requirements.

Marketing and Analytics Tools:

  • Klaviyo integrates with a wide range of marketing and analytics tools, including Google Analytics, Facebook Ads, Google Ads, and more. These integrations facilitate comprehensive marketing and data analysis.

Personalization and Recommendation Engines:

  • Klaviyo integrates with personalization and recommendation engines, such as Nosto and Dynamic Yield. This enables the generation of personalized product recommendations within your email campaigns.

Payment Processors:

  • Klaviyo offers integrations with payment processors like Stripe and PayPal, allowing you to track and analyze payment-related data within your marketing campaigns.

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Systems:

  • Klaviyo can be integrated with CRM systems like Salesforce and HubSpot, enhancing customer data management and segmentation capabilities.

Omnisend vs Klaviyo: Alternatives

While Omnisend and Klaviyo are popular email marketing platforms, there are several alternatives available in the market, each with its own set of features and strengths. Here are some alternatives to consider:

1. Mailchimp

similar to klaviyo tool
  • Mailchimp is a widely-used email marketing platform known for its user-friendly interface and marketing automation features.
  • It offers a free plan with basic email marketing tools and paid plans with advanced features.
  • Mailchimp also integrates with e-commerce platforms like Shopify and WooCommerce.
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2. ActiveCampaign

klaviyo vs omnisend
  • ActiveCampaign is an email marketing and marketing automation platform known for its advanced automation and CRM capabilities.
  • It provides tools for creating personalized customer journeys and segmenting your audience.
  • ActiveCampaign integrates with various e-commerce platforms and supports deep data integrations.

3. BIK

omnisend alternatives
  • BIK is an all-in-one marketing automation platform that includes email marketing, automation, CRM, and gamification.
  • It offers a user-friendly email editor and automation workflows.
  • GetResponse provides integrations with e-commerce platforms and CRM systems.

4. SendinBlue

klaviyo alternatives
  • SendinBlue is an email marketing and marketing automation platform with a strong focus on transactional emails.
  • It offers a free plan and competitive pricing for high-volume sending.
  • SendinBlue integrates with e-commerce platforms and provides SMS marketing capabilities.

5. ConvertKit

omnisend alternatives
  • ConvertKit is an email marketing platform designed for bloggers, content creators, and small businesses.
  • It offers simplicity in list management and automation.
  • ConvertKit can integrate with e-commerce platforms and provides customizable sign-up forms.

6. Drip

klaviyo alternatives
  • Drip is an e-commerce CRM and marketing automation platform designed for online retailers.
  • It offers advanced e-commerce features, including product recommendations and cart abandonment recovery.
  • Drip integrates with popular e-commerce platforms and provides deep data integration.

7. HubSpot Marketing Hub

omnisend alternatives
  • HubSpot Marketing Hub is a comprehensive marketing automation and CRM platform.
  • It offers email marketing, automation workflows, and lead nurturing tools.
  • HubSpot integrates with e-commerce platforms and provides in-depth analytics.

8. Moosend

klaviyo alternatives
  • Moosend is an email marketing and marketing automation platform known for its easy-to-use interface.
  • It offers advanced automation features and customizable email templates.
  • Moosend integrates with e-commerce platforms and provides list segmentation.

Which is best between Klaviyo and Omnisend?

Both Klaviyo and Omnisend are powerful email marketing platforms with unique strengths. The choice between them depends on your specific business needs:

  • Choose Klaviyo if: You prioritize advanced automation, in-depth customer segmentation, and highly personalized email marketing. Klaviyo is ideal for larger e-commerce businesses with a focus on data-driven marketing strategies.
  • Choose Omnisend if: You're a small to medium-sized e-commerce business looking for a user-friendly platform that combines email and SMS marketing. Omnisend offers a simpler and budget-friendly solution.

Consider your budget, the complexity of your email marketing campaigns, and your need for customization when making your decision. Both platforms offer valuable tools, so make the choice that aligns with your unique requirements.


In the world of e-commerce email marketing, the choice between Omnisend and Klaviyo is not a matter of one-size-fits-all. It's a journey of discovering which platform aligns best with your business's unique needs, goals, and ambitions. Omnisend shines with its user-friendly approach and budget-friendly options, making it a fantastic choice for emerging entrepreneurs and small to medium-sized businesses. On the other hand, Klaviyo stands tall with its robust automation, segmentation, and personalization capabilities, catering to data-driven marketers and established enterprises.


Here are the most frequently asked questions related to Klaviyo or Omnisend:

Is Klaviyo better than Omnisend?

Klaviyo and Omnisend both have their strengths, and the choice depends on your specific needs. Klaviyo is often preferred for its advanced features, especially for larger e-commerce businesses. Omnisend, with its user-friendliness and affordability, suits smaller businesses. It's not a matter of one being definitively better; it's about finding the right fit for your business size and marketing goals.