Paradigm shift in eCommerce with AI

Paradigm shift in eCommerce with AI

We had launched Manifest AI around 5 Months back, in these last 5 months, we were able to work with 1500+ Shopify Brands adopting our AI assistant to help Brand's consumers 24*7, answer queries like a human in all possible languages, recommend products & assist during their search.

Sharing some numbers and trends that in-still our confidence and belief into the paradigm shift that has already begun in eCommerce space

Consumer Intents

Only 6% of total consumers seek to still speak with a human. Rest of the consumers are extremely happy with what AI has to answer. 46% of the queries are around Product details like "Will this be suitable to my dry skin?" or "will size L fit me in?"

AI Interactions Entry points

AI on product pages are in most demand! Consumers have lost the patient to look out for small details on your product page, rather are directly jumping to ask questions to the AI. Check out the split below & now image the sales lost by not having AI to answer the doubt your consumers have while on your website?

Conversion Rates & Average Order Value - AI's Impact

Conversion rates are almost 2x for consumers who are interacting with AI. With respect to Average Order Value, we are seeing 17% higher AoVs across stores. The number here clearly talk about the competitve advantage that a Brand has with AI adoption.

AI turns your store into Multilingual in a true sense.

It was extremely surprising for us to notice that avg. of languages that consumers are interacting are > 3 & we saw one of the store having AI interactions in more than 35 languages.

Now if you want to match the AI performance without really having AI, you need a super human who can speak 35 languages, is awake 24*7, donot celebrate christmas, never falls sick, knows every detail about product, should have sales capability and on top of all this should also know how & when to upsell. You know what i Mean. :) 😃

World has changed forever, like you can't live without a phone anymore, similarly your Brand wouldn't survive without AI. Take your decision today & get started with Manifest AI. If you are a Shopify Store, install us from Shopify App Store.

I'll leave you with a fun word cloud that we generated using all the questions that we have seen in 1500+ eCommerce Brands