The Secret Sauce of Livspace Increasing 20% Conversions by Reducing 40% Cost Using BIK

The Secret Sauce of Livspace Increasing 20% Conversions by Reducing 40% Cost Using BIK

Livspace is a global home design and decor platform. Founded in 2015, Livspace has become the go-to destination for homeowners looking for customised design solutions for their homes. With over 100,000 homes designed to date, Livspace offers a variety of services and products, from customised furniture and modular kitchens to interior decoration and renovation services.


Livspace was looking for a solution to improve the customer journey for marketing leads while reducing their chat agent cost. With high customer acquisition costs and increasing chat agent needs, the brand was struggling to maintain its customer base and drive conversions.


Livspace partnered with BIK to automate its customer support process for its Singapore division. BIK enabled them to set up a chatbot on their website, which could handle customer queries efficiently and with minimum cost.


We integrated a BIK WhatsApp ‘Chat with us’ widget on select marketing pages. This enabled us to connect the BIK journey engine with Salesforce CRM, allowing us to pull leads and their status, as well as push qualified leads and data captured on WhatsApp.

livspace lead collection

We configured contextual and engaging WhatsApp Journeys for new leads, partially qualified leads, and qualified leads.

  1. For new leads, we introduced our value proposition (video/audio testimonials) and took requirements (room, room size, layout, email, pin code, budget).
  2. For partially qualified leads, we took pending requirements and/or redirected them to ‘talk to sales’ or ‘book a slot’, engaging with our ‘free visit and quote’ value proposition.
  3. For qualified leads, we nurtured them for payments and introduced them to Livspace services (architects).
Lead collection chat flow for Livsapace

We also set up retargeting automated campaigns at regular intervals for partially qualified leads and attributed ads/traffic sources and page URLs for performance tracking. All of this was done end-to-end in two working weeks.


Thanks to the chatbot, Livspace was able to save 40% on the cost of hiring customer support agents. The automated responses also enabled them to respond to customer queries quickly and accurately, leading to instant reach out from the sales agent and superior customer engagement. The solution eventually led to a 20% increase in conversions.