Training Diet Max: 3x Add to cart rate using GPT-powered shopping assistant

Training Diet Max: 3x Add to cart rate using GPT-powered shopping assistant

Training Diet Max, a company that sells training diets and meal plans, was facing a challenge: how to help its customers find the perfect training diet for their individual needs.

The company wanted to create a personalized experience for each customer, but it was difficult to do this manually. That's where Manifest AI came in.

Manifest AI helped Training Diet Max develop an AI assistant that asks customers a series of questions about their fitness goals, dietary restrictions, and food preferences. Once the AI assistant has a good understanding of the customer's needs, it recommends a personalized training diet.

The results of the AI assistant have been impressive. Since implementing the AI assistant, Training Diet Max has seen a 3x increase in its add-to-cart rate. This means that more customers are finding the perfect training diet for their needs and are more likely to purchase a diet from Training Diet Max.

Read the full case study to learn more about how Training Diet Max used Manifest AI to improve the customer experience and increase sales.


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Training Diet Max (TDM), a French fitness and nutrition retailer, joined forces with Manifest to introduce a GPT-powered Shopping assistant on their website. This case study explores how this move tripled TDM's add-to-cart rate by improving user engagement and streamlining customer interactions.

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TDM has a very intentional audience who comes to their website to purchase diet and fitness-related products. The products require significant research from the buyers to understand products based on their requirements. This is where TDM faced major visitor drop-offs as they weren’t able to curate their products in the cart and eventually purchase them. While TDM had fitness experts their availability was limited, leaving a large number of interested visitors unattended.

The Solution: Manifest's GPT-powered Shopping assistant

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Manifest's GPT-powered Shopping assistant was the answer, designed to offer real-time responses, personalized recommendations, and assistance to common asks. TDM had detailed product information and blogs on their website which was almost sufficient for the bot to train on. For a few additional FAQs not available on their Shopify, the Manifest team assisted TDM with custom data training. And within the same day of installation, they were able to take the GPT-powered Shopping assistant to live in their store.

Once live, the AI assistant could answer 95% of the customer queries giving them personalised and accurate recommendations and help with product-related information. The product recommendations were based on the product descriptions on which the AI assistant was trained with additional computations done with ChatGPT’s smart intelligence. For rest 5% of the interactions, where the assistant wasn’t confident it redirected the chat to the support email who received a transcript of chat along with the customer email ID to respond later. The AI nudges prompted disengaged users to interact with the shopping assistant and find the product they were looking for. This in turn effectively reduced significant customer drop off.

Further, since the shopping assistant is powered by ChatGPT, it could engage customer in any language including English and French in this case without any additional training.


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Within one week of implementation, the chatbot brought significant gains :

  1. 3x Add-to-Cart Rate: Interaction with the chatbot tripled the add-to-cart rate, guiding customers to make informed purchases.
  2. Enhanced support in all languages: Instant and accurate responses in French and English increased customer satisfaction and trust.
  3. Reduced Support Team Workload: Routine queries were handled by the chatbot 24/7, allowing support agents to focus on complex issues.


The Manifest GPT-powered Shopping assistant transformed TDM's customer engagement and conversion rates, underscoring the power of AI-driven chatbots in enhancing the e-commerce experience.