7 Key Ecommerce Funnels for Boosting Your Online Sales

7 Key Ecommerce Funnels for Boosting Your Online Sales

In the world of online shopping, guiding potential customers through their purchase journey is crucial for success. Ecommerce funnels map out this journey, from the moment a shopper first discovers your store to the point they make a purchase—and beyond. Understanding and optimizing these funnels can significantly enhance your ability to convert visitors into loyal customers, thereby boosting your online sales. This blog dives into seven essential ecommerce funnels, each playing a pivotal role in attracting, engaging, and retaining customers. By mastering these funnels, you can create a smoother shopping experience that not only drives sales but also builds a strong foundation for customer loyalty and repeat business.

What is an Ecommerce Funnel?

An ecommerce funnel is a concept that describes the journey a potential customer takes from discovering an online store to making a purchase and beyond. It's a series of steps designed to guide visitors through the process of becoming customers and, ideally, repeat buyers. This journey often begins with the customer becoming aware of the store or product, followed by gaining interest, deciding to enter in the ecommerce purchase funnel, and completing the transaction. After the purchase, the ecommerce sales funnel may also include steps aimed at retaining the customer, such as follow-up communication or loyalty programs. The ecommerce marketing funnel helps store owners understand and optimize each phase of the customer's experience, aiming to maximize ecommerce funnel conversion rate and encourage customer loyalty.

7 Key Ecommerce Funnels for Boosting Your Online Sales

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Here are the stages for ecommerce funnels:

Awareness Stage Funnel

The Awareness Stage Funnel is the initial phase of ecommerce funnels where potential customers first learn about your online store. At this stage, the goal is to capture the attention of people who might be interested in your products but are not yet familiar with your brand. This can be achieved through various means such as social media posts, online advertisements, blog content, or search engine optimization (SEO) strategies that improve your visibility in search results. The focus is on broad-reaching activities that introduce your store to a wide audience, creating a foundation for further engagement. By effectively leveraging these channels, you can start to draw potential customers into your ecommerce funnel, setting the stage for deeper interaction as they move closer to making a purchase.

Interest and Research Funnel

The "Interest and Research Funnel" is of the crucial phase of an ecommerce funnels in the ecommerce journey where potential customers start exploring your products more deeply after their initial discovery. During this stage, shoppers are actively seeking information that will help them make informed decisions. They may compare different products, read reviews, and look for detailed descriptions and specifications. Your goal is to provide comprehensive, easily accessible information that addresses their queries and concerns. This can include creating detailed product pages, FAQs, and engaging content such as blogs or videos that highlight the benefits and features of your products. Ensuring that this information is readily available and easy to understand can significantly influence a shopper's decision to proceed to the next stage of the funnel, moving them closer to making a purchase.

Consideration Funnel

The Consideration Funnel is a crucial phase in the ecommerce journey where potential customers, already aware of your products, start evaluating them against their needs and other options available in the market. During this stage, shoppers are looking for reasons to choose your product over others. It's an opportunity for your business to provide detailed information, such as product specifications, benefits, customer reviews, and comparison guides. Effective strategies include engaging content that answers common questions, showcases product uses, and highlights unique features. Email marketing can also be powerful here, offering targeted information and deals to nudge shoppers closer to making a purchase. The goal is to establish your product as the best solution for the customer’s needs, guiding them towards making a decision in your favor.

Loyalty Funnel

The loyalty funnel is all about keeping customers coming back to your online store after they've made their first purchase. It's focused on building a strong relationship with your customers by ensuring they're satisfied with their purchases and feel valued. This can involve sending them follow-up emails to thank them for their purchase, offering them exclusive discounts, or giving them early access to new products. The goal is to make them feel appreciated and connected to your brand, encouraging them to not only make repeat purchases but also to become advocates for your store by sharing their positive experiences with others. A well-maintained loyalty funnel is key to creating a base of dedicated customers, which is invaluable for sustained business growth.

Advocacy Funnel

The Advocacy Funnel represents the stage in the customer journey where satisfied customers become champions for your brand. After making a purchase and experiencing satisfaction with your product or service, customers enter this phase. Here, they're more inclined to share their positive experiences with others, effectively acting as organic promoters. This funnel is critical because recommendations from friends or family often carry more weight than traditional advertising. Encouraging this behavior can be as simple as providing excellent customer service or as strategic as implementing referral programs that reward customers for spreading the word about your brand. Successfully tapping into the advocacy funnel not only helps in acquiring new customers through trusted recommendations but also strengthens loyalty among existing ones, creating a community of dedicated supporters around your brand.

Re-engagement Funnel

The Re-engagement Funnel is a strategy used by online stores to reconnect with customers who have previously shown interest in their products but haven't made a purchase recently. This funnel aims to remind these customers of the store's value and offerings, encouraging them to return and make a purchase. Techniques often include sending personalized emails highlighting new products, special offers, or exclusive discounts tailored to their interests. The goal is to reignite the customer's interest in the store, reminding them of what they liked about the brand in the first place. Successfully implementing a Re-engagement Funnel can help increase sales by bringing back customers who might otherwise have been lost, strengthening customer loyalty, and boosting overall store performance. This works like an ecommerce conversion funnel.

Enhancing Ecommerce Funnels with AI Technology

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Manifest AI is a GPT powered AI chatbot that integrates advanced AI technology, specifically designed to boost Shopify store performance. It offers personalized customer interactions and actionable insights by analyzing data, aiming to improve online sales and customer engagement. Through its innovative use of AI, Manifest AI helps online stores tailor their offerings and marketing strategies to meet the unique needs of each customer. This can help you fulfil your Shopify sales funnel.

  • Personalization at Scale: AI technology, like that from platforms specializing in ecommerce, customizes the shopping experience for every customer, increasing relevance and engagement.
  • Data-Driven Insights: Analyzes customer data or ecommerce funnel metrics to provide actionable insights, helping to tailor marketing and sales strategies effectively.
  • Improved Customer Interaction: Automatically recommend products and offers based on individual browsing habits and previous interactions, streamlining the consideration phase.
  • Re-engagement Strategies: Identifies inactive customers and sends personalized messages or offers to rekindle their interest, optimizing the re-engagement phase.


Understanding and optimizing the seven key ecommerce funnels is crucial for any online store looking to increase sales. Each funnel plays a specific role in attracting, engaging, converting, and retaining customers. By focusing on these critical areas, store owners can create a smoother shopping experience that not only encourages first-time purchases but also fosters repeat business. Implementing strategies tailored to each funnel stage allows for more effective customer interaction, ultimately leading to higher satisfaction and loyalty. For businesses aiming to grow their online presence, mastering these ecommerce funnels is a step toward achieving lasting success.