How BIK Contributes 60% of Dr Trust’s Monthly Revenue

How BIK Contributes 60% of Dr Trust’s Monthly Revenue

Dr Trust is a leading healthcare provider based in India, offering a wide range of healthcare products and services to its customers. Founded in 2015, Dr. Trust has become one of the most trusted brands in the healthcare industry, offering high-quality products for a variety of medical needs. From medical devices such as blood pressure monitors and infrared thermometers to health supplements and skin care products, Dr. Trust offers its customers a one-stop shop for all their healthcare needs.


Dr Trust was experiencing a drop in both sales and customer acquisitions. The brand was having difficulty in retaining existing customers and acquiring new ones. Dr Trust was looking for a solution to assist them with their customer acquisition and retention strategies to tackle this issue.


Dr. Trust collaborated with BIK to find a solution to their problem, and they added automation and a gamification widget to their website. which made it possible for them to find a single solution to deal with both their customer acquisition and retention problems.


website gamification
  • To leverage the gamification widget, BIK implemented a completely automated personalised flow for the customers that land on WhatsApp through the widget. 
  • The automation was designed to send personalised messages to the customers, based on their spin of the wheel. The messages were tailored to the user’s probability of the spin, prompting them to take the desired action. For example, if a customer spun the wheel for a 50% discount, they would receive a message prompting them to avail of the discount. The message would contain a link with the discount code, which could be used to avail the discount.
Dr trust spin the wheel feature
  • The automation was also designed to re-engage customers who had not completed the desired action. The automation would send periodic reminders to the customers, prompting them to avail the discount. This re-engagement helped to increase the conversion rate up to 3% and retain customers for the brand.
  • The gamification widget was designed to engage the customers and keep them on the website for a longer duration which helped to keep the customers engaged and increase their loyalty towards the brand.
spin the wheel discount coupon
  • The gamification widget also helped with customer acquisition. The rewards earned could be used by the customers to avail discounts and other offers on the products. This increased the sales of the products by 40%, while also acquiring new customers through promotions and discounts.


The automated personalised flow enabled Dr Trust to increase their customer engagement and conversion rate. The automated messages helped to increase the customer retention rate, as customers were reminded to avail the discounts and offers. Overall, the personalised flow enabled Dr Trust to increase their customer base, while also increasing customer loyalty. This helped Dr Trust in increasing its 60% monthly revenue with BIK.