How BIK Helped Lo! Foods Achieve a 41.5% Repeat Purchase Rate

How BIK Helped Lo! Foods Achieve a 41.5% Repeat Purchase Rate

Lo! Foods is on a mission to reduce India’s carb intake by 50% and fight chronic conditions like obesity, diabetes, cardiac diseases, etc., that are prevalent in the nation.

Lo! Foods has developed an innovative line of low-carb foods that are authentically Indian in taste and texture, yet extensively tested to ensure their healthfulness. They envision bringing a genuine impact on the health of 100 million Indians by helping them eat less carbs and lose weight. 


As a food and snacks brand, Lo! Foods expected good repeat purchases. However, they faced challenges in achieving this and needed an effective strategy to boost customer retention and loyalty.


Lo! Foods partnered with BIK to implement multi-channel post-purchase journeys on SMS and WhatsApp educating and timely reminding customers to restock.


To address Lo! Foods's challenge, BIK implemented a seamless customer experience strategy, extending engagement far beyond the point of purchase. The advanced automated journey is triggered precisely 7 days after order delivery. This strategy involved sending tailored messages via SMS and WhatsApp to ensure customers remained informed of the health benefits of the products ordered, requesting their feedback, and sharing healthy recipes. 

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Restock nudges post purchases on WhatsApp

Over the following 14 days, these messages served as gentle reminders for repeat orders, offering exclusive discounts and enticing customers with savings and convenience. This innovative approach fostered brand loyalty and streamlined the reordering process, enriching the customer journey and driving sustainable growth.


Through the implementation of our automated journey software, Lo! Foods achieved a remarkable 41.5% repeat rate from their customers. This success validated the transformative power of personalized engagement and timely communication.