How DiabeSmart leveraged BIK’s multi-channel retargeting to generate 25% higher revenues

How DiabeSmart leveraged BIK’s multi-channel retargeting to generate 25% higher revenues

DiabeSmart is India’s first clinically tested food brand for diabetes. With India being the world’s diabetes capital, DiabeSmart envisions revolutionizing diabetes management through food innovation. Their mission is to help millions of Indians struggling with diabetes live a better quality of life by introducing a diabetic-friendly food range that easily fits into Indian cooking and eating habits. The range of products includes Diabetic Atta, Low GI Rice, Sugar-Free Biscuits, Diabetic Juices & Diabetic Protein Powder.


DiabeSmart faced with major marketing and sales challenges:

High CAC on Social Platforms 

The high customer acquisition cost on platforms such as Meta and Google presented a significant challenge to the business, given the conversion was already low. Additionally, as advertising costs rose, the brand was forced to allocate higher marketing budgets for acquisition.

High Volume of Abandoned Carts 

The brand experienced a high number of abandoned carts that hampered its conversion. Despite showing initial interest in their products, a substantial number of users dropped before completing the transaction, resulting in revenue losses. 


With evolving consumer expectations and demands for personalized experiences across multiple channels, DiabeSmart partnered with BIK to streamline its engagement strategies and sales processes with an all-in-one marketing platform. 


Website lead acquisition with Wizard pop-up

The growth strategy managers at BIK analyzed the website traffic on the DiabeSmart D2C website and implemented a lead-gen pop-up integrated with WhatsApp. It prompted visitors to fill in only their basic contact details to avail of a free Diabetes Diet Plan. Upon submitting their contact number, the users received the Diabetes diet plan instantly on their WhatsApp numbers.

This solution effectively generated leads by providing a seamless and engaging user experience, guiding potential customers through a tailored journey created on the BIK dashboard which nudged the customer to trust the brand, not just the products.

diabesmart case study

Lead generation pop-ups helped DiabeSmart generate ~15% of the monthly revenue while reducing the overall customer acquisition cost.

Website event-based multi-channel retargeting journeys to Boost Sales

BIK integrated deeply with the Shopify website of DiabeSmart, allowing them to capture advanced customer events including “product viewed”, “abandoned cart”, “keyword searched” and more. Powering these events was multi-channel retargeting on WhatsApp and SMS. Through these mediums, DiabeSmart was able to timely reach out to these users based on their recent interactions and behaviors on the website, thus offering personalized discounts and driving higher conversions.

These automated journeys included both SMS and WhatsApp messages sent over a period of one week, delivering an overall 25% monthly revenue for the brand.


Incorporating BIK’s solutions,  DiabeSmart has a holistic approach to lead generation and sales optimization, enabling it to seamlessly engage with its audience across various channels and drive conversions. By leveraging interactive tools like lead generation pop-ups alongside automated customer journey strategies through various critical platforms,  the brand efficiently captured leads, nurtured consumer relationships, and guided prospects through the sales funnel with effectiveness. 

Overall, the pop-ups and automated journeys contributed to 15% and 25% respectively of their monthly sales for DiabeSmart.