How Fireboltt drove 30% of their social media revenues via BIK Instagram AI automation

How Fireboltt drove 30% of their social media revenues via BIK Instagram AI automation

Fire-Boltt is the world’s second-largest smartwatch brand, renowned for pioneering in the field of wearable and audio technology. Since its establishment in 2015, the brand has been at the forefront of combining premium audio, fitness, and fashion products with the latest technological advancements.


BIK’s all-in-one marketing suite combines Instagram AI Automation and Multi-channel Inbox (CRM) through which they were able to address customer queries from Email, Instagram, and Facebook Messenger all in a singular platform. 


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Instagram AI automation for driving instant engagement

Fireboltt integrated their Instagram and Shopify with BIK. Automation journeys on Instagram were set up starting with welcome messages for all the high-intent DMs. Post this, the customer journey allowed users to browse products and complete the entire purchase on DM itself. We were able to automate 3,000+ queries per week on browse products, FAQs, pricing, order status, and more, which otherwise would have consumed at least 100+ man hours per week and a high cost of support agents.

This also included intent-based comment automation where potential customers were able to directly find their product links in their DMs. The automation answered 80% of repeated customer queries like order and shipping status etc and directed the rest to the agent for resolution.

Advanced Segmentation for highly targeted and personalized Campaigns

The high-intent users who didn’t purchase were automatically nudged on Instagram to join the subscriber list. The leads generated from Instagram were collected and segmented into specific buckets like cart abandoners, recent buyers, customers who bought a particular product, etc.

Highest ROI via Email campaigns 

These segments were then leveraged to retarget with personalized Email campaigns. Fireboltt also ran highly effective cross-sell and upsell campaigns on their watches and earpods with 97% delivery and 70% open rates.

Streamlined customer support with Multi-channel Inbox

The brand engages with customers on multiple channels including Email, Instagram, and Messenger but all their communications are scattered across the place. With BIK, the brand now has a single CRM to manage all their conversations.

Any unattended conversation from the AI chatbot got assigned to a support agent. Fireboltt now has a centralized platform to manage and analyze chats across all these platforms and deliver a superior customer experience.


The brand was able to generate 30% of revenue from Instagram among their social channels with the help of our all-in-one marketing approach leveraging Instagram AI Automation, user segmentation, and email marketing.