What Is Shopify Collective & How It Works?

What Is Shopify Collective & How It Works?

Have you ever wanted to increase your store's selection without having to deal with the headache of inventory management? Presenting Shopify Collective, a revolutionary platform for aspiring and established online businesses alike. Envision a platform that enables you to effortlessly offer carefully chosen products from other Shopify businesses, expanding your product selection and drawing in new clients. Alternatively imagine yourself as the owner of a brand, interacting with a network of shops keen to carry your one-of-a-kind items. This is Shopify Collective App's magic, where teamwork is essential. Whether you're a retailer or a brand owner, this blog explores the "what" and "how" of this cutting-edge platform, walking you through its features, advantages, and how to use it to grow your business. 

What Is Shopify Collective?

Shopify Collective is a marketplace within the Shopify platform that connects retailers and suppliers, both operating Shopify stores. Retailers can access a wider product range by importing products from other Shopify stores, without upfront inventory costs. They simply connect with suppliers, choose products, and sell them in their stores. Suppliers can expand their reach by getting their products stocked by others working for Shopify stores, gaining access to new customers, and reducing fulfillment burdens. Orders are automatically forwarded to suppliers, who fulfill and ship directly to the customer. 

Shopify Collective: Features

Shopify Collective offers a range of features for both retailers and suppliers, streamlining collaboration and boosting sales:

For Retailers

shopify collective for retailers

Discover & Import Products: With Shopify Collective you can easily find and import complementary products from other Shopify stores to expand your offerings.

Virtual Inventory: With Shopify Collective no need to manage physical stock. Inventory and prices automatically sync with suppliers.

Streamlined Fulfillment: With Shopify Collective suppliers handle order fulfillment and shipping, reducing your workload.

Automatic Payments: With Shopify Collective get paid automatically by suppliers upon order fulfillment.

Seamless Customer Experience: With Shopify Collective customers enjoy a smooth checkout process on your store.

No Upfront Costs: With Shopify Collective access products without worrying about inventory investment.

For Suppliers

shopify collective for suppliers

Expand Reach:  With Shopify Collective you can get your products discovered by a network of potential retailers.

Create Price Lists: With Shopify Collective you can set custom prices and margins for specific retailers.

Simplify Fulfillment: With Shopify Collective you can ship directly to customers, reducing fulfillment complexity.

Automated Orders & Payments: With Shopify Collective orders and payments are automatically synced and managed.

Boost Brand Awareness: Gain exposure to new customers through partner stores.

Be Both Retailer & Supplier: Sell other brands With Shopify collective products while showcasing your own.

Additional Features

Discovery Feature: Eligible retailers can be discovered by suppliers directly within the platform.

Referral Program: Earn rewards for referring other businesses to Shopify Collective.

Secure Platform: Shopify's infrastructure ensures safe and reliable transactions.

Shopify Collective: Benefits

Shopify Collective offers a compelling set of advantages for both retailers and suppliers, making it a valuable tool for growing your e-commerce business:

For Retailers

  • Expand Product Range: Offer customers more variety without managing additional inventory.
  • Boost Average Order Value: Encourage customers to buy more with complementary products.
  • Reduce Costs: Eliminate inventory storage and fulfillment expenses.
  • Save Time: Focus on marketing and customer service while suppliers handle fulfillment.
  • Discover Unique Products: Find niche or trending items from other Shopify stores.
  • Stay Competitive: Offer diverse products to attract new customers and retain existing ones.

For Suppliers

  • Increase Sales: Reach new customers through partner stores and expand your brand awareness.
  • Reduce Fulfillment Burden: Focus on production and product development while retailers handle fulfillment.
  • Simplify Distribution: Access a wider audience without managing individual sales channels.
  • Grow with Shopify: Leverage the Shopify platform and its large user base.
  • Set Your Margins: Control your profitability with custom pricing for each retailer.
  • Optimize Inventory: Sell excess inventory through partner stores.
  • Build Relationships: Collaborate with other businesses in the Shopify ecosystem.

Shopify Collective: Pricing

The good news is that Shopify Collective is entirely free to use for both retailers and suppliers currently! There are no monthly fees, transaction fees, or setup costs associated with using the platform. However, it's important to note that there are some eligibility requirements for participating:

For Retailers

  • Your Shopify store must be based in the United States.
  • You must have an active Shopify plan.

For Suppliers

  • Your Shopify store must be based in the United States.
  • You must have an active Shopify plan.
  • You must comply with Shopify's Payment Processing Terms of Service.

While there are no direct costs associated with Shopify Collective Stores, it's crucial to remember that you'll still incur the following costs:

Product Costs: You'll pay suppliers for the products you purchase from them, typically at a discounted wholesale price.

Transaction Fees: Depending on your chosen payment processor, you may pay transaction fees for each sale.

Shipping Costs: Suppliers will handle shipping and set their own shipping rates, which you'll be responsible for paying.

Marketing & Advertising Costs: You'll need to invest in marketing and advertising your expanded product range to attract new customers.

Shopify Collective: How It Works

Shopify Collective offers a seamless way for retailers and suppliers to collaborate within the Shopify ecosystem. Here's how it works:

For Retailers:

Discover & Connect: Browse the directory of suppliers and their products, or be discovered by them through the platform's feature.

Request Pricing: Get discounted wholesale prices for products you're interested in.

Import Products: Add the selected products to your store with automatic inventory and price synchronization.

Sell & Earn: Customers purchase products from your store, and you receive payment automatically upon fulfillment.

Fulfillment & Shipping: Suppliers handle order fulfillment and ship directly to your customers.

Customer Service: Manage inquiries related to those products directly through your usual customer service channels.

For Suppliers:

Create Price Lists: Set custom prices and margins for specific retailers you want to partner with.

Connect & Share Products: Connect with interested retailers and share your product lists.

Receive Orders: Retailers place orders through your Shopify Collective portal.

Fulfill & Ship: Process and ship orders directly to customers.

Get Paid: Automatically receive payments from retailers upon order fulfillment.

Track & Analyze: Monitor sales performance and product demand through Shopify Collective analytics.

Grow your Shopify Store with Manifest AI

manifest ai

Adding Manifest AI to your Shopify store can significantly enhance how your store operates and interacts with customers. This AI tool is crafted to closely match what your customers are looking for, providing a shopping experience that feels personal and engaging. Here are some ways Manifest AI contributes to your store's growth:

  • Personal Recommendations: It looks at what your customers like and what they are searching for to suggest products they are more likely to buy, making each customer's visit more personalized.
  • Quick Customer Help: Manifest AI can answer common questions from your customers quickly, ensuring they get the help they need without delays.
  • Keeping Customers Engaged: This tool can start conversations with visitors, offering guidance or suggestions, which helps keep them interested and more likely to make a purchase.
  • Understanding Your Customers: With Manifest AI, you get insights into what your customers prefer and how they shop, allowing you to make better decisions about what to stock and how to market it.


Shopify Collective is a huge opportunity for suppliers looking to expand their reach or retailers looking for a wide range of products. With the help of this cutting-edge platform, you may increase the scope of your services, cut expenses, and seize fresh growth prospects inside the Shopify ecosystem. Shopify Collective may revolutionize your e-commerce experience with its user-friendly interface, streamlined workflows, and win-win structure. Explore the realm of cooperation and see how the combined strength of this dynamic platform may enhance your Shopify store.