Top 9 Ways To Improve Your Shopify Product Photography

Top 9 Ways To Improve Your Shopify Product Photography

Well-planned product photography is one of the key tools to get the highest number of customers on Shopify. According to a study by Retail Technology Review, around 75% of online buyers depend on product images while purchasing. As it directly influences the choices of customers, the images need to be appealing and precise.

Shopify product photography is becoming popular because it has several advantages, like gathering more customers, creating brand value, and boosting sales. 

Once you master product photography, it’ll improve your visual existence on Shopify. 

But how can we improve product photography? What are the methods to capture the perfect product photoshoots? In this article, we’ve covered the photography techniques for Shopify products. 

What is Shopify Product Photography?

Shopify Product Photography

Shopify product photography is all about capturing high-quality product photos, editing, and optimizing them for your Shopify eCommerce store. This product photograph aims to build trust and convince shoppers to purchase by highlighting the best products in perfect light, angle, or setup. 

In short,

  • It is the process of taking high-quality product photos highlighting every little detail.
  • The ultimate goal is to educate consumers about the product and boost sales.
  • Popular styles of product photography for Shopify stores are products on white backgrounds, lifestyle photos, products in action, etc.

As an e-commerce store owner or entrepreneur, you might know the importance of high-quality and visually appealing product photos for Shopify e-commerce stores. For more in-depth details, let’s scroll down! 

Importance of High-quality Product Photography on Shopify

High-quality images can hold humans' attention for 13 to 80 milliseconds, but reading the description takes 2 to 5 minutes. So, people are attracted to the images more than the written features. There are many reasons why high-quality product photography is important for e-commerce business platforms like Shopify, and we include them below. 

  • The first thing customers notice in e-commerce shops is product photos. High-quality product photographs are the key to creating a good impression on online buyers. 
  • To make your business reliable, you must use professional, clear, and detailed product photos for visual representation. It helps the consumer to understand the product quality better than reading the descriptions. 
  • High-quality images generate around 94% more conversion rate than low-quality images. 
  • Product image quality matters the most regarding the customer's perception of your brand. Good quality photographs can convey a sense of professionalism and uplift your brand presence in the global market. 
  • Investing in high-quality product photographs shows dedication toward your business and motivates people to buy from your shops. 

Though high-quality product photography is necessary for the online business, it's expensive for beginners. In that case, you have to improve your Shopify product photography skills. We are here to help you out in this regard. So, without further ado, let's get started. 

Top Ways to Improve Shopify Product Photography

Whether you are a beginner or experienced in the Shopify business, you need to enhance your product photography skills to reach more people from different countries. 

After researching online and talking to expert business analysts, we've found some effective ways to improve Shopify product photography. Here are the proven methods to uplift your website product photography expertise. 

Proper Prior Planning

Improve Shopify Product Photography

You can't randomly take the pictures on the lawn and upload them to your Shopify store, right? It doesn't look good for your brand image. So, you need proper planning before your product photoshoot.  

From preparing the background to adjusting the lighting, you should plan everything. Even the background color matters for the product's perfect visual representation. 

Another important thing you should know is the Shopify image size before starting the photoshoot. 

Moreover, it can help you capture the perfect-sized photos with proper resolution. Planning these little things can make a huge impact on product photography. Thus, you must set up a separate corner to capture better product images.

Find The Right Camera Setting/Use The Right Equipment

camera setting in product photography

Using a good quality camera can be an advantage, but it won't be enough if you can't find the proper camera settings. To improve the Shopify product photography, use a small aperture with a higher f-number for a wider depth of the subject,  low ISO for less noise, and prepare proper lighting for precise detailing. 

In addition to that, you should get a premium quality tripod with durable features and 360° rotation capacity. It can help you make the shot stable and ensure clear images. You can use gimbals instead of tripods. But including any of these can help you to keep the camera frame in a consistent place. 

Using Natural or Artificial Light

Improve Shopify Product Photography

We recommend using natural light or external light sources to make the details more visible and help the customers choose the products. If you want soft and aesthetic product photos, you should use natural light because it's the best option to showcase the textures and details. 

On the other hand, artificial lighting ensures more control over the shadows. You can focus on the specific parts of the products if you want. Images with low lighting can't represent the product features correctly. Lighting makes a big difference in the product image quality.

Shoot from a Variety of Unique Camera Angles

different camera angles in product photography

It would help if you shot from different camera angles to make the photos creative and alluring. Along with the regular techniques, you can personalize the angles according to the product sizes. 

Capturing products from a low angle portrays the larger view of the product. You can use a bird's eye view angle to showcase the texture, shapes, and designs. To capture the specific details of the products closely, you should go with the close-shot photography technique. 

These are the most commonly used angles for product photography. You can experiment with the different angles while taking the product images for Shopify stores.

Play with Different Backgrounds

Some people use white or black backgrounds for product photos because it creates an aesthetic outlook. However, experimenting with different backgrounds makes your efforts visible to potential customers. 

Apart from the solid color, you can use seasonal backgrounds like autumn leaves or summer beach scenarios to portray the images better. Also, you can use a textured background like wood to create a soothing visual contrast. 

You can use the brand elements or theme to promote your business. Outdoor locations can create an amazing background for Shopify product photography if you can choose a good one. 

Creating a Visual Brand Identity 

To establish a strong visual brand identity, you must improve the image quality of the products you sell on the Shopify store. With a unique brand identity, you easily grab your target audience's attention and trust. In this way, you easily increase marketing efficiency and beat your business rivals. 

You have to bring your brand voice within the product images. In that case, you can use the catchy tagline of your business or the trendy hashtags on a white background to create a powerful visual representation. 

Tell the Products Story

If you want to convert online store visitors into regular customers, add the touch of visual storytelling charm and highlight emotional connections while importing them to your Shopify store. 

To create a strong perception among the majority of online shoppers, you must showcase products close to everyone's heart and tell a story through the images. Adding lifestyle shots to convey the products' real-world application can better tell the story and ensure a good brand impression. 

Choose the Right Props

Picking the right props is necessary to enhance the aesthetics of product photographs. For example, if your brand has a specific color palette or theme, you can use it to create a unique brand image. 

However, you can use relevant props with the products to give a message to the customers, and it helps you to maintain a good relationship with them. Using too many props can reduce the image quality. So, keep it simple and clean. 

Edit your Shopify Product Photos

No matter how perfect the raw images are, you must edit them before showcasing them for your business. Editing the product images is tricky because authenticity and uniqueness need to be captured properly. This beautifies the images and helps to focus on the details. 

Additionally, it can also change the background per your requirements. If you’re not familiar with Photoshop or other image editing tools, It’s better to hire third-party e-commerce product editing services to get it done for your business. 


Now, at the end of the Shopify product photography guide, we hope you get essential resources to highlight the essence of your product and boost sales. If you have a budget to invest in hiring professional product photographers and editors, you can take advantage of them. You can also follow DIY for Shopify product photography ideas. 

So, what are you waiting for? Utilize your creativity and start capturing breathtaking Shopify product photography.

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