How to Create an Awesome Chatbot Personality for Your Brand

How to Create an Awesome Chatbot Personality for Your Brand

Chatbot personality represents your brand's identity!

A great chatbot interaction can boost customer satisfaction or the opposite. Brands can choose and train their chatbots' personalities to match their brand voice. Chatbot and AI shopping assistants, both act differently on it.

The assistant operates based on intent, while the chatbot relies on pre-set responses. For example, a playful assistant will respond joyfully, whereas a serious one will provide professional answers.

Let's understand how to do it.

Importance of chatbot personality

Chatbots are the face of brands. They are answering customer queries and engaging with their customer to build long-term relationships.

Chatbots allow users to connect with brands anytime and anywhere. They're more engaging than standard contact forms, can convey the brand's voice, and support brand identity.

However, only well-designed chatbots with personality that handle casual conversations, act consistently, and keep users engaged can build strong relationships.

“If you want to have an interesting conversation with someone — even a virtual someone — then it helps if they have a personality, including likes and interests,” says The Verge.

Creating a lively chatbot isn't easy, but some designers have managed to do it.

Additionally, brands are increasingly recognizing the risk of a poorly designed chatbot experience, which motivates them to develop their bots' personalities.

Types of Chatbot Personality

Referring to the Manifest AI shopping assistant, there are 4 chatbot personalities for any Shopify storefront. Here are the details with examples:

Professional tone

chatbot personality

This is a more formal, respectful, and serious tone for the AI shopping assistant. Here the assistant gives on-point answers. Brands that typically prefer a professional tone for their chatbots are often those in industries where trust, accuracy, and reliability are crucial. These include:

  1. Financial Services: Banks, insurance companies, and investment firms.
  2. Healthcare: Hospitals, clinics, and pharmaceutical companies.
  3. Legal Services: Law firms and legal advisory services.
  4. Corporate Services: B2B companies, consultancy firms, and professional services.
  5. Government and Public Services: Agencies and departments providing public services.
  6. Education: Universities, colleges, and educational institutions.
  7. Technology and Software: Companies providing enterprise software.

Playful tone

chatbot personality

This is a casual, funny, and enthusiastic tone for the AI assistant. The chatbot acts funny and engages with the website visitors. Brands that prefer a playful tone for their chatbots are typically those that want to create a fun, engaging, and approachable image.

These brands often target a younger demographic and focus on making the customer experience enjoyable and memorable. Examples include:

  1. Retail and Fashion Brands: Companies that sell trendy clothing, accessories, or lifestyle products often use playful chatbots to connect with their audience.
  2. Entertainment Companies: Movie studios, streaming services, and gaming companies use playful chatbots to entertain and engage their users.
  3. Food and Beverage Brands: Casual dining restaurants, snack brands, and beverage companies might use a playful tone to create a friendly and inviting atmosphere.

Friendly tone

chatbot tone

This is neutral, enthusiastic, and respectful for the AI assistant. Brands that often prefer a friendly tone for their chatbots typically include:

  1. Hospitality and Travel: Hotels, airlines, and travel agencies use a friendly tone to provide a welcoming and helpful atmosphere for their customers.
  2. Children's Products: Companies that sell toys, educational materials, and children's clothing use a friendly tone to appeal to both kids and parents.

Empathetic tone

chatbot personality

This is respectful, a matter of fact for the AI assistant. Brands that prefer an empathetic tone for their chatbots are typically those that focus on customer care, support, and personal services. Here are a few examples:

  1. Healthcare Providers: Clinics, hospitals, and mental health services often use an empathetic tone to show care and understanding toward patients and clients.
  2. Online Counseling and Therapy Services: Platforms offering mental health support and counseling use an empathetic tone to create a safe and supportive environment for users.
  3. Retail Brands with a Focus on Personal Care: Brands selling personal care products, such as skincare, wellness, and beauty items, often use an empathetic tone to connect on a personal level with customers.

How to Customize Your Chatbot Personality?

Customizing the chatbot personality is quite simple. Before coming on the steps, I recommend installing Manifest AI app on your Shopify store, an AI shopping assistant for Shopify storefronts. Here are the following steps to customize your chatbot personality:

  1. Login to the Manifest AI dashboard and select the "Customize" section
  1. You can see 4 tabs inside the "Customize" section, "Appearance", "Behaviour", "Agent Handover" & "Languages".
chatbot personality
  1. Design the Appearance of the assistant first by adding the following details as per your brand voice:

Assistant name: Name of your Chat Assistant.

Greeting message: Customize the initial message customers see when they open the chat interface.

Welcome note: Set the welcome text shown inside the chat interface before customers start a conversation.

Avatar: Image of the AI assistant.

Entry point customization: Set the position of your assistant on the website storefront.

4. "Behaviour" defines how it interacts with the customer and how long it should interact. Add the following details to set the behaviour of the assistant:

Collects email addresses: You have the option to collect the email address before the conversation starts.

GPT Model: Here you can set how intelligently your assistant can reply to your customers. You have three options, GPT 3.5, 4, and newly launched GPT 4o.

Assistant personality: As mentioned above, you can change the AI chatbot personality and test how it works.

Response length: Set how long should be the responses of the assistant. You have three options short, medium, and large.

Conversational starters: These are sample questions that would be shown to your customers to help them start a conversation.

customize your chatbot

5. "Agent handover" is how you would like to respond to customers who might want to speak with a human agent. Please give them the link for your support page, collect their email ID, or choose from one of our available live chat integrations.

customize your chatbot
  1. Under "Languages" set the primary language for your Assistant as per your customer. Although, Manifest AI understands all global languages.

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