How to Fix Incorrect Chatbot Responses?

How to Fix Incorrect Chatbot Responses?

Today, three out of every five ecommerce storefronts have implemented a chatbot to assist customers by answering their queries and supporting their purchase journey.

However, 40% of ecommerce brands discontinue their chatbots every 6-8 months due to issues with incorrect responses. As a brand owner, you can enhance your chatbot's effectiveness by training it and refining its responses.

Below, we'll explore various methods to train your chatbot and fix the incorrect chatbot responses effectively. Before that, let's understand Why your chatbot is giving incorrect responses.

Why is your chatbot giving incorrect responses? 

There are several ways a chatbot can sour the user experience: here are five common failings seen frequently in poorly designed bots.

It Didn’t Have Great Data to Work With

A chatbot's accuracy heavily relies on the quality of data used for its training. If the data is outdated, insufficient, or not diverse enough, the chatbot may struggle to provide correct responses, as it hasn't learned effectively from the right examples.

It Couldn’t Remember What Was Said Earlier

Chatbots that lack advanced memory capabilities struggle to maintain context over the course of a conversation. This limitation can lead to incorrect or irrelevant responses because the chatbot treats each interaction as isolated, failing to integrate previous exchanges into its responses.

It Gave Too Long and Complicated of an Answer

Sometimes, chatbots provide responses that are too detailed or complex, which can confuse the user. This usually happens when the chatbot pulls from sources without tailoring the content to the simplicity and directness needed for quick and effective communication.

It Generates Feeder Responses, Not Real-Time

Some chatbots are programmed only to offer predefined or 'feeder' responses rather than generating replies based on real-time understanding. This can lead to responses that seem generic or irrelevant because they aren’t tailored to the specifics of the current interaction.

Doesn't Understand the Context of the Query

A critical challenge for many chatbots is understanding the context in which a question is asked. Without a deep understanding of context, chatbots may misinterpret the query and provide an incorrect answer, as they cannot grasp the nuances or underlying intentions of the user's request.

All of the above limitations of the chatbot can be solved with an AI shopping assistant, regular chatbots only solve queries from predefined data but an AI shopping assistant like Manifest AI is powered by GPT 4 and can solve 90% of customer queries without agent intervention.

Let's understand the ways to improve incorrect responses of the chatbot.

3 ways to fix incorrect chatbot responses

Learn these 3 simple ways to fix incorrect chatbot responses and increase the conversion rate. Before that, we recommend installing the Manifest AI for your storefront.

Monitoring conversations

Monitoring conversations

Login to the Manifest AI dashboard and move to the "messages" section where you can find all the conversations that happened between an AI assistant and the customer. You can also see the complete user journey, which page was the user on when they started the conversation, and if they added something to the cart as a a result of the user conversation.

If you encounter an incorrect response from the AI shopping assistant, click the 'correct response' button to update and train it with the correct answer for future interactions.

Giving feedback

Giving feedback

You can provide feedback on conversations that need improvement. Our team will review any unsatisfactory responses and enhance the training quality. To correct these responses yourself, navigate to the 'Training' section and click on the 'Improve Your Responses' tab.

Here, you'll find all unsatisfactory customer queries categorized. Simply edit the responses, and the bot will learn from these adjustments for future interactions.

Training the chatbot

Training the chatbot

Train your chatbot on your data in multiple ways. Apply the following methods to achieve higher customer satisfaction.

Disable the irrelevant products/sources from the chatbot

Disable the irrelevant products

Many brands on Shopify struggle with outdated data that can lead to incorrect responses from chatbots. This outdated information might include old shipping policies or expired sales offers.

To prevent this, it's important to disable products or collections that you no longer want the bot to recommend. Additionally, make sure to disable any outdated pages that might still be synced to ensure the information your AI assistant provides is accurate and up-to-date.

Upload more data

Train your AI shopping assistant by uploading more data, including FAQs to address common queries, custom text data for adding PDFs and policies, and links to external websites. While Manifest AI automatically syncs data from your Shopify store, you are free to add additional data for further training and updates.

Improve your responses


Move to the 'Improve Your Responses' section to check the training quality score of the assistant on a scale from 0 to 100. You also have the option to enhance any unsatisfactory responses of your AI assistant for all types of queries like shipping, payments, inventory, etc.

Using the training playground

Using the training playground

The app includes a training playground where you can tag your data and add any missing information. For instance, if your customers frequently inquire to customize chatbot responses, you can include this information in the product customization section.

Adding more data to your Shopify products in terms of description

Adding more data to your Shopify products

Sometimes, customers may have questions that aren't covered in the product descriptions, such as inquiries about warranty details or how a product compares to competitors.

To view the data currently synced, navigate to the 'Products' section in the dashboard. If you need to add information that addresses these additional queries, you can directly go to your Shopify dashboard and update the relevant data there.

Use the correct response option in the messages section

As explained above under "monitor conversations", You can review the data sources that were used to answer the question and refine the answers under "messages" section. You have the option to include FAQs specific to certain products or general FAQs to enhance the accuracy of responses.

However, this is the easiest way to train your AI shopping assistant. Manifest AI is the most favored AI shopping assistant among over 2500 Shopify stores. It encourages your customers to chat and engage with your store, helps solve their queries, and ultimately enhances the shopping experience.