Why to Choose Manifest AI Over Tidio?

Why to Choose Manifest AI Over Tidio?

There is a significant difference between a chatbot and an AI shopping assistant.

Your brand needs more than just live chat and chatbot solutions. You need a smart AI shopping assistant that not only responds to your buyers’ questions but also guides them towards making purchases at the right moments.

Below, find the top reasons to choose Manifest AI over Tidio:

What makes Manifest AI a smarter choice?


With Manifest AI, we aim to create a proactive and engaging AI experience for your customers, helping you achieve your business goals of improving conversion rates and AoV – all powered by AI.

More Than Just a Livechat & Basic Chatbot Solution

Manifest AI is beyond AI chatbots. You can create real-time contextual nudges, interactive quizzes, personalized product recommendations, and more.

Engages and Converts Your Visitors

Converts visitors into customers with AI-powered personalized nudges at any part of your online store. We offer nine different nudges designed to initiate conversations with an AI shopping assistant and help drive sales.

Following nudges for your customers:

  • Welcome nudge for home page
  • Welcome nudge for collection page
  • Product page nudges
  • Search results page nudge
  • Add to cart nudge
  • Removed from cart assistance nudge
  • Abandoned checkout recovery nudge
  • Post checkout nudge
  • Product recommendation nudge

Highly Affordable with Better Features

It includes 3 plans with tons of AI-driven features:

The Basic plan starts at just $99/month for 600 conversations - with features like Train with ~60 custom data sources, Shopify Inbox integration, Basic welcome AI nudges & other value-adding features.

The Premium plan starts at just $249/month for 2500 conversations - with features like Train with ~260 custom data sources, Klaviyo, Gorgias, Yotpo & more integrations, Advanced AI nudges, AI-powered quiz builder & other value-adding features.

The VIP plan starts at just $499/month for 7000 conversations - with features like Unlimited custom data sources, Custom on-demand integrations, AI set-up & go-live assistance, Custom analytics & reports, AI-powered PDP embeds & other value-adding features.

Double your Customer Engagement with AI-powered quizzes

Manifest AI provides two types of quiz builders to drive higher customer engagement. These are contextual-based quizzes based on the customer journey. Here are the types of quizzes:

AI-powered quiz builder

Configure a product discovery quiz that can be used to engage your customers & guide them toward the right set of products based on their preferences.

Smart context-based quiz

Manifest AI would automatically curate a contextual quiz when customers ask a search query. Customers can choose to take the quiz to help them find the most suitable products.

AI-fy your PDP with Manifest AI

Improve customer interaction with our adaptable 'Ask Me Anything' widget. Configure it for various uses such as providing product details, explaining return policies, offering store information, or tracking orders. This widget is customizable and can be added to any page, enhancing the proximity of your AI assistant to your customers.

How it works:

Just install the widget on any page and set the initial message that will be sent to the AI assistant when a customer interacts with it. The conversation will then automatically shift to the AI assistant chat box, allowing customers to receive the needed information and continue their interaction smoothly.

Customization options:

  • Personalize the appearance of the button
  • Change the button text
  • Incorporate icons for added visual appeal
  • Set the initial message for the AI assistant

AI-generated Trivia Widget

Increase engagement on product pages with the dynamic AI-generated trivia widget. This feature invites customers to start conversations, pose questions, and interactively explore products, potentially increasing your conversion rates.

How it works:

This widget presents fun and relevant facts about each product based on its description, aiming to captivate customers and serve as an icebreaker. Customers can respond using suggested replies or pose further questions, maintaining engagement with your AI assistant.

Customization options

  • Customize the chat interface with a selection of chatbox colors and fonts
  • Adjust the widget's design to match your brand’s aesthetic and create a cohesive customer experience.

Why to choose Manifest AI over Tidio?

Manifest AI over Tidio

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