7 Best Digital Products to Sell on Shopify

7 Best Digital Products to Sell on Shopify

Selling digital products on Shopify is an increasingly popular way to run a business without the complexity of handling physical inventory. From educational materials to creative works, the range of digital items you can offer is vast and varied. This blog will walk you through seven of the best digital products that are not only in demand but also have the potential for high profit margins. Whether you're an artist, educator, developer, or content creator, there's a niche for you. We'll explore how each product fits into the current online marketplace and why customers are drawn to these types of items. If you're looking to start or expand your online store, understanding what digital products to sell can set you on the path to success.

Here are the 7 best digital products list to sell on Shopify:

eBooks and Guides

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eBooks and Guides offer a lucrative opportunity for creators on Shopify. This category of digital products is appealing due to its low overhead costs and the ability to cater to a wide range of interests and niches. From instructional guides on specific skills to comprehensive eBooks on various topics, these products provide value through knowledge and expertise. Once created, they can be sold an unlimited number of times without the need for inventory or shipping, directly delivering content to the customer's inbox. This convenience, coupled with the rise in demand for digital learning and self-improvement resources, makes eBooks and Guides a compelling product choice for sellers looking to share their expertise and for buyers seeking accessible information and personal development.

Online Courses and Webinars

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Online courses and webinars have become some of the best platforms to sell digital products on Shopify. These are the free digital products to resell and cater to the growing demand for learning and self-improvement from the comfort of one's home. These products allow experts in various fields to package and sell their knowledge across a wide range of subjects, from business and technology to health and creative arts. Online courses can be pre-recorded or live, providing flexibility in how content is delivered. Webinars offer real-time interaction, making them ideal for workshops or lectures that benefit from audience engagement. This format is highly scalable; once created, it can be sold to an unlimited number of customers without the need for physical inventory, making it a cost-effective option with the potential for high profit margins. Additionally, the ability to update and expand course material ensures long-term relevance and value to customers.

Software and mobile apps

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Software and mobile apps stand as highly lucrative digital products to sell, offering solutions ranging from productivity tools to entertainment. Selling these products on Shopify allows creators to reach a broad audience. The appeal lies in their practicality; customers can download and use them immediately, with no shipping required. For entrepreneurs, the overhead costs are lower compared to physical goods, as there’s no need to manage inventory or worry about logistics. Additionally, software and apps often come with the potential for recurring revenue through updates, subscriptions, or in-app purchases. The key to success in selling these digital products is to ensure they solve specific problems or enhance users’ digital experience, encouraging repeat usage and customer loyalty. With a user-friendly Shopify storefront, sellers can effectively market their apps, track sales, and provide customer support, all within one platform.

Stock Photography and Digital Art

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Stock photography and digital art are highly sought-after digital products, ideal for selling on platforms like Shopify. Photographers and artists can offer their work directly to consumers and businesses looking for unique imagery for websites, marketing materials, or personal use. Unlike physical art, digital files have the advantage of no inventory costs and can be sold repeatedly without additional production expenses. This category includes everything from photos and illustrations to digital paintings and graphic designs. The ease of distribution via instant downloads makes this a convenient option for both sellers and buyers. Selling digital art also allows for broad reach, as artists aren't limited by geography; they can sell to customers around the world, expanding their market presence and potential revenue.

Music and Audio Files

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Music and audio files stand out as highly marketable digital products to sell on platforms like Shopify. Selling albums, individual tracks, samples, sound effects, or even audio books can cater to a diverse audience, from music enthusiasts to professional content creators. The appeal lies in the convenience and immediacy that digital downloads provide. Customers can purchase and enjoy their content without the wait or physical storage concerns associated with CDs or vinyl. For creators, the benefits are manifold: reduced production costs, no need for inventory management, and the ability to reach a global market without shipping hurdles. This category of digital goods to sell online offers a broad scope for niches, including educational material, meditation tracks, and niche music genres, making it a versatile and potentially lucrative online venture.

Digital Templates and Tools

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Digital templates and tools serve as invaluable resources across various industries and personal projects. They consist of pre-made documents, spreadsheets, presentations, or software tools designed to streamline and simplify tasks. For instance, graphic design templates, website themes, budget planners, and project management tools can save users time and effort by providing a foundational structure they can customize. Selling these on Shopify taps into a market of professionals, students, and hobbyists looking for efficient ways to achieve their goals. The appeal lies in their instant availability and potential for customization, catering to the specific needs of diverse customers. As digital products, they also offer the benefit of unlimited inventory without the need for physical storage, making them an ideal product for Shopify merchants.

Video Content and Tutorials

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Video content and tutorials are among the most profitable digital products to sell you can sell on Shopify. They offer valuable, in-depth knowledge and skills that customers can learn at their own pace. This category includes everything from fitness classes and cooking lessons to professional development courses and DIY projects. Because they are digital, these products have no physical inventory, allowing for higher profit margins with lower overhead costs. Customers appreciate the convenience of immediate access and the ability to revisit the material anytime. For creators, videos and tutorials can be produced on a one-time basis but sold repeatedly, creating a sustainable source of income. This type of content is also easily shareable, which can help organically grow your customer base through recommendations and social media.

Fortunately, anyone can create his own video content with the help of various video editors available in the market. You don't have to be an expert to create tutorials because these tools offer convenient features such as background remover, adding images and subtitles to videos, voice generator, and even video translation. The key is to find the editor that fits your requirements and aligns with your current expertise.

How to sell digital products on Shopify with AI?

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Selling digital products on Shopify with AI involves leveraging technology to enhance the customer experience and streamline your sales process. By utilizing an AI platform like the one provided by Manifest AI, you can introduce a suite of smart features that personalize the shopping journey for each visitor.

Here's how AI can make a difference:

  • Personalized Product Recommendations: AI can analyze a customer's browsing patterns and purchase history to suggest products they are more likely to buy, increasing the chances of a sale.
  • Automated Customer Service: AI chatbots can instantly answer queries, resolve common issues, and guide customers through the purchase process, keeping them engaged and reducing bounce rates.
  • Enhanced User Experience: By optimizing search results and providing quick, relevant content, AI improves the overall user experience, which is a key driver of conversion rates.
  • Data-Driven Decisions: AI tools can track and analyze customer data, providing insights that help you refine your marketing strategies and product offerings for better conversion rates.


In wrapping up, the seven digital products highlighted offer a window into the diverse and profitable world of online selling. Each product category has its unique appeal and audience, providing ample opportunity for entrepreneurs to carve out a successful niche on Shopify. With no need to manage physical stock, sellers can focus on creating and refining their digital offerings to meet the needs and interests of their customers. As the digital marketplace continues to grow, these products stand out for their potential to generate revenue, engage buyers, and build a sustainable online business. Whether you're a seasoned creator or new to the digital scene, there's never been a better time to start selling on Shopify.