How Jawliner Hits 3X Conversions & 21x ROI with Manifest AI Chatbot

How Jawliner Hits 3X Conversions & 21x ROI with Manifest AI Chatbot

In e-commerce, every click, every conversion, every micro-interaction matters. For Jawliner, a leading jawline exercise tool brand, it meant finding innovative ways to hyperscale customer engagement and optimize the purchasing journey for customers across the funnel - from repetitive buyers to clueless window shoppers.

The Challenge: Friction-Laden Customer Experience

Jawliner’s website wasn't converting visitors into customers, their customer support team was drowning in requests with long wait times, and their product catalog was so confusing that new visitors gave up. This made it hard for people to learn about Jawliner's products and get excited about them, which meant fewer sales and slower growth.The friction-laden experience wasn't just an obstacle; it was actively hindering customer education, awareness, and ultimately these bottlenecks were choking movement in the customer funnel and decreasing revenue growth. 

All of this added up to one big problem: Jawliner wasn't connecting with its customers.

The Solution: Jawliner's AI-Powered Shopify Optimization Journey

jawliner ai shopping assistant

Jawliner didn't simply drop a generic chatbot onto their website.  They partnered with Manifest AI and hit the ground running instantly, implementing an optimization journey that streamlined their Shopify store from product discovery to checkout in record time. Forget months of planning – this journey was all about rapid deployment and immediate impact

The start of their transformation saw the  integration of an intelligent AI assistant - ROB 

Rob, powered by Manifest AI, greeted customers with a personalized touch, offering proactive product recommendations and addressing queries with laser-like precision. 

Jawliner growth metrics

Rob delivered hyper-personalized interactions, understanding individual needs and preferences. This led to a 3.11% conversion rate for interacting customers compared to a 1.18% rate for non-interacting customers.

jawliner case study

Conversational Nudges

Welcome & Q&A Nudges: Friendly greetings and prompts encouraged customers to interact with the AI assistant, breaking down initial barriers.

jawliner growth

Product Page Nudges: When customers lingered on a product page, the AI initiated contextual conversations, addressing potential concerns and offering additional information.

  • Cart Abandonment Nudges: Personalized reminders about abandoned carts highlighted product benefits and guided customers back to checkout.

Jawliner witnessed a 3x surge in add-to-cart rates, indicating customers were captivated by the AI assistant's personalized interactions and product recommendations. This translated into a 100% increase in conversion rates, doubling the number of customers crossing the finish line. 

Data-Driven Optimization

Customer Support Portal Integration: Manifest AI seamlessly integrated with Jawliner's Shopify store, giving ROB access to product information, customer data, and order history. This data-powered intelligence allowed ROB to handle 70% of customer conversations within the first week, all without additional training.

Continuous Learning: Jawliner didn't stop there. They identified knowledge gaps based on customer interactions and fed that information back into ROB's training data. This constant refinement resulted in ROB handling over 93% of conversations autonomously today, proving the power of their iterative approach.

Global Assistant for a Global Brand: Recognizing their global audience, Jawliner leveraged Manifest AI's multilingual capabilities. ROB understood context, synonyms, and even typos, ensuring smooth communication across languages and a 32% click-through rate for product recommendations in the chat.

jawliner case study

Jawliner's story isn't just about impressive numbers – it's about exceeding expectations. They didn't settle for incremental improvements; they redefined  their customer experience by embracing AI and data-driven optimization. 

Beyond the headline-grabbing figures Jawliner saw 21x ROI.

Manifest AI didn't exist and operate in a silo. It seamlessly integrated with Jawliner's existing tools and platforms, creating a unified operational force. 

The explosive growth in key metrics, from skyrocketing add-to-cart rates to a 21x ROI, proves that AI is no longer a futuristic concept, but a potent tool for scaling your Shopify store. By embracing personalized customer interactions, streamlined experiences, and data-driven optimization, Jawliner has rewritten their e-commerce gameplan. You can too, by signing up for the: