JOVS: AI-Powered Personalized Recommendations & 95% Customer Service Automation

JOVS: AI-Powered Personalized Recommendations & 95% Customer Service Automation

JOVS, a global leader in innovative personal care devices, isn't just about sleek design and cutting-edge technology. They're passionate about empowering individuals to embrace self-care and achieve their desired beauty goals. But with a diverse product range and evolving customer needs, maintaining an exceptional customer experience presented a significant challenge.

The Challenge: Bridging the gap between innovation and personalized support

JOVS's commitment to providing personalized support clashed with the limitations of their existing solution. As their product line expanded, managing inquiries about features, compatibility, and usage instructions became increasingly complex. Traditional support methods, like FAQs and email ticketing, struggled to deliver the real-time, interactive experience JOVS envisioned. The growing volume of inquiries threatened to overwhelm their support team, impacting response times and overall customer satisfaction.

JOVS needed a solution that could adapt to their dynamic environment and deliver efficient, personalized support across multiple channels. They sought a solution that could not only answer common questions but also intelligently route complex inquiries to the right specialist, ensuring every customer received the attention they deserved.

The Solution: Enhancing Customer Experience with AI-Powered Support

JOVS partnered with Manifest AI to deploy a sophisticated AI bot, empowering customers with instant answers and personalized guidance. With a focus on understanding JOVS' unique offerings and diverse audience.

The Setup & Bot Training: Building a Knowledgeable AI Assistant

The AI assistant was trained on comprehensive product information and customer data, enabling it to understand detailed questions about specifications, effectiveness, and safety.

By leveraging natural language processing, the assistant provided accurate and personalized responses, building trust and reducing reliance on human agents.

Go Live: Streamlining Buyer Interactions

Manifest collaborated closely with JOVS for a smooth integration and launch, ensuring a user-friendly experience. Manifest AI was seamlessly integrated into key customer touchpoints, including the JOVS website and social media platforms, allowing customers to interact naturally and conveniently.


The AI analyzed browsing behavior and purchase history to suggest relevant products for each customer. This went beyond basic recommendations, offering a curated shopping experience. This resulted in a 102% increase in conversion rates for customers who  interacted with the assistant, showcasing the power of personalization.

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  • Encouraging Upselling and Cross-Selling:

The AI identified complementary products based on individual preferences, enticing customers to explore further and increase their average order value. This personalized approach led to a 143% higher add-to-cart rate for customers who interacted with the assistant, demonstrating how AI can effectively capture customer interest.

  • Enhancing Support Efficiency

The AI assistant handled 95.37% of all customer conversations without requiring human intervention, freeing up agents for more complex inquiries. This not only improved customer response times but also reduced operational costs associated with support staff.

JOVS’ success extends beyond financial gains. They've created a cutting-edge shopping experience that prioritizes customer understanding and personalized recommendations. This sets a new standard for the beauty industry, demonstrating how AI can seamlessly integrate with existing strategies to drive growth and satisfaction. By providing instant answers, relevant recommendations, and a seamless user experience, JOVS has not only empowered its customers but also unlocked significant business growth. By understanding individual needs and preferences, the GPT-powered assistant transcends the limitations of traditional product pages. It becomes a trusted beauty advisor, guiding customers through their journey, uncovering hidden intent, and answering questions with confidence. This personalized touch fosters deeper engagement, leading to increased sales and loyalty.

Furthermore, the AI's ability to handle routine inquiries frees up JOVS's human agents to focus on complex issues and provide personalized support where it truly matters. This not only elevates customer satisfaction but also optimized resource allocation, allowing JOVS to invest in strategic initiatives

This collaboration isn't just about numbers, it's about reimagining beauty retail. JOVS has discovered that AI isn't just a trend, it's a powerful tool to build deeper customer relationships, drive sales, and gain a crucial competitive edge. In a saturated market, they've found a way to truly shine, proving that the future of beauty is personalized, conversational, and powered by Manifest AI.