Use Manifest AI to Generate More Signups for Klaviyo

Use Manifest AI to Generate More Signups for Klaviyo

Klaviyo is a popular email marketing automation platform like BIK. Thousands of ecommerce stores are using Klaviyo daily to send hundreds of cold campaigns which have a 1-2% conversion rate.

Manifest AI engages with website visitors based on their browsing activity to answer their shopping queries and recommend the perfect product of their choice. This zero-party data is very valuable for ecommerce users to target their visitors based on their purchase journey on email campaigns.

Learn how this zero-party data is collected through the Manifest AI to retarget customers via marketing channels like emails through automated journeys & campaigns.

About Klaviyo


Klaviyo is a marketing automation platform that automates eCommerce SMS and email marketing to help businesses acquire, retain, and grow their customers by sending marketing emails.

About Manifest AI

ai shopping assistant

Manifest AI is a smart AI shopping assistant for Shopify stores, powered by the GPT-4 model. It answers customer queries in all global languages, helping to maximize store conversions and average order value through AI-driven quizzes, search, support, and nudges.

Why Integrate Klaviyo and Manifest AI?

Integrate Klaviyo with Manifest AI to enable smart and personalized marketing campaigns. Here are the reasons in detail:


  • Grow your subscriber list: Customers interacting with an AI assistant will be converted into subscribers. Increase your potential subscribers and plan your email campaigns accordingly.
  • Create smarter segments on Klaviyo: Create different segments based on collected customer data like what your customers searched for, which products they asked questions about, and so on.
  • Personalize Klaviyo flows and campaigns: Personalize the content used in the emails sent to your customers based on collected customer data.

Sample use cases

  • Run an email automation journey for customers who asked about “shirts in red” but didn't purchase.
  • Run an email automation journey for customers who searched for best-sellers but did not click on any of the product recommendations shown by the AI assistant.
  • Create a segment of all customers who clicked on a product recommendation but didn’t complete the purchase and send them an automated email.
  • Send an email campaign to all customers who chose response 2 in the 3rd question of the quiz.

Events list

Track the following events with associated event properties to segment users & personalize the messages sent

  • similar products - When a customer clicks on the 'View similar products' CTA sent with product recommendations
  • product search - When a customer searches for a product
  • product details - When a customer asks for details about a particular product
  • link clicked - When a product recommendation is clicked
  • widget clicked - When a customer engages with an AI nudge
  • CSAT rating submitted - When customers give a CSAT rating after the conversation
  • Quiz submitted - When customers take the quiz to get personalized product recommendations

Manifest AI and Klaviyo Integration Steps

Manifest AI and Klaviyo Integration

Follow the simple steps to enable Manifest AI and Klaviyo integration. The steps below must be followed after installing Manifest AI from the Shopify app store.

  1. Start in Manifest AI: Begin by logging into your Manifest AI dashboard. This is where you’ll initiate the integration process.
  2. Navigate to Integrations: In the dashboard, locate the ‘Integrations’ section. This area lists various tools that can be connected with Manifest AI, including Klaviyo.
  3. Select Klaviyo: Click on Klaviyo from the list of available integrations. You will then be asked to provide specific details related to your Klaviyo account.
  4. Provide Klaviyo Credentials: Enter your Klaviyo API key and any other necessary information. This will enable Manifest AI to securely communicate with your Klaviyo account.
  5. Activate Integration: After confirming all settings are correct and you’re satisfied, click the ‘Add Integration’ button to activate the integration.
  6. Manage Customer Data on your Klaviyo Dashboard: Once the integration is active, customer interactions managed by Manifest AI can be used to enrich your customer data in Klaviyo. For example, when a customer interacts with the chatbot, their information and engagement details can be synced to Klaviyo, allowing you to tailor your marketing efforts more effectively.