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Manifest AI Product Updates- Feb'24

Manifest AI Product Updates- Feb'24

Recently, we introduced some thrilling updates, and I'm eager to share them with you all! 😄

Introducing the February 24 Product updates from Manifest AI!

Collect emails before the conversation starts!

  • Before starting a conversation you can collect user emails. The same emails are pushed to your preferred marketing automation tool (like Klaviyo / Omni send)
  • You can also download the analytics report to see the users which have entered their emails.

Gorgias Integration In-APP

gorgias integration with manifest

We have released integration with Gorgias which allows you to seamlessly integrate with Gorgias, Whenever a user wants to connect to an agent, Manifest will intelligently hand over the chat with the desired context.

Improvements in AI Nudges

ai nudges

We have a new revamp of AI nudges in the dashboard to help you better understand the product.

Plus we have two different types of AI nudges available:

Post checkout nudge: This gets triggered once the user completes a purchase.

Post checkout nudge

Browsing History Recommendation Nudge: On the basis of the browsing history we tell the users other products that they might be interested in:

product recommendation Nudge

The recommended products are intelligently calculated on the basis of the browsing history increasing the chances of a user completing the purchase.

Recommendation Nudge

Changes in the Search Algorithm

  • We now support the scraping of the entire product page so that GPT can more accurately answer the queries related to the product. This helps to answer queries which might be present in the product page but not in the description
    • This feature is only available in the paid plans.
    • We would also scrape the reviews which are present in the description and suggest them to the users.

New Integrations

manifest ai integrations
  • We have now integrations available with product review apps like Yotpo and Judgeme.
  • When asked for reviews we will generate an AI summary highlighting what other customers have told us about the product
  • You can enable these review apps by going to the integrations screen.

Analyzing your Conversations

manifest ai analytics

You will now be able to analyze how well Manifest AI is giving responses to the questions asked by your users and what are areas of improvement. This makes the training process easy so that you can work on the exact pain points of the customers.

This information is available to you post you publish your bot on the home page of the analytics page.


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