Manifest AI Product Updates- Nov'23

Manifest AI Product Updates- Nov'23

In the last month, we shipped 10 new feature updates and I am beyond excited to share all of them with you 😄

Here are the November 23 Product updates of Manifest AI

Your AI Chatbot is even more smarter now

  • It now stores 4x more context than before giving more intelligent replies.
  • Bot is now trained on customer review and can include them in customer interactions.
manifest ai
  • Bot is now 2x faster in replies and even more compatible with multiple languages.
  • Increased product recommendations to 5 products (than 3 before) giving more options for buyers to choose from.
5 product recommendation feature
  • Similar products' API is much more smoother now giving spot on recommendations about matching products. 
  • The chatbot gets a 'Live' indicator with green dot giving it higher visibility for your visitors.
Live indicator

New integrations: Shopify Inbox and Gorgias

Now, you can handover AI conversations to live human support seamlessly with new integrations with your favourite Customer support apps: Shopify Inbox and Gorgias.

Shopify inbox and Gorgias integrations

Best seller tag

ai chatbot

Best seller flow under Proactive flows (AI nudges) now highlights the ‘Best seller’ tag in your preferred language for enhanced visibility.

'Hidden' & ‘OOS’ are now available under product picker

You can now see the 'hidden' and 'Out of Stock' products with their respective tags under the product picker.

Hidden & OOS tags available

Customize product recommendations via AI nudges 

You can now control the product you want to recommend your visitors as AI nudges through Proactive flows.

Custom product recommendation

Interested in enabling these updates on your Shopify store??

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