Riley Watson Jewellery - 97% Support Handled by AI & 143% Higher Add to Carts

Riley Watson Jewellery - 97% Support Handled by AI & 143% Higher Add to Carts

Riley Watson, curates exquisite pieces that blend modern design with timeless craftsmanship, catering to diverse tastes and telling unique stories.  While they attracted a steady stream of online traffic, a significant portion of those visitors were leaving without making a purchase. Riley Watson sought a solution to bridge this gap, aiming to enhance customer engagement, personalize the shopping experience, and ultimately drive conversion rates.

The Challenge: Streamlining Discovery and Reducing Support Load

Riley Watson Jewellery, known for its exquisite pieces and blend of modern design with traditional craftsmanship, faced a challenge familiar to many online retailers: bridging the gap between their curated selection and personalized customer experience. While their products exuded elegance and quality, their website lacked the ability to guide customers through their diverse offerings and answer their questions in real time. This resulted in missed sales opportunities and rising customer support costs.

The Solution: Enhancing Customer Experience with AI-Powered Support

Manifest AI, with its conversational AI expertise, stepped in as the ideal partner. But simply deploying an AI wouldn't suffice. The solution needed to seamlessly integrate with Riley Watson's brand identity, offering personalized guidance and enhancing the overall shopping journey. Riley Watson partnered with Manifest AI to deploy a sophisticated AI assistant, seamlessly integrated across their website. 

The Setup & Bot Training: Building a Knowledgeable AI Assistant

The AI bot was strategically positioned across key touchpoints, including product pages, the homepage, and the shopping cart. This enabled customers to interact naturally and receive instant support throughout their shopping journey.

The assistant was trained on comprehensive product information, including descriptions, specifications, and ongoing offers. Additionally, Manifest leveraged its default training capabilities on existing website content like policies and FAQs. To further personalize the experience, Riley Watson added details about current promotions and customer preferences.

Go Live: Streamlining 

Riley Watson launched the AI assistant with minimal support, leveraging Manifest's user-friendly dashboard and intuitive setup process. Manifest AI was seamlessly integrated into key touchpoints like the Riley Watson website and social media platforms, offering a natural and convenient way for customers to interact. A/B testing was conducted for two weeks to determine the most effective AI nudges and messaging for different pages. Based on the results, the best performing nudges and messaging were implemented across all relevant pages.

Our collaboration began with understanding Riley Watson's distinct offerings and diverse audience. We then carefully crafted buyer-facing entry points, placing AI nudges strategically across the website. One of the key strategies employed was the implementation of product-specific conversation starters on product pages. 

These starters acted as icebreakers, prompting customers to ask questions about the product they were interested in. Manifest AI, trained on comprehensive product information and customer data, delivered personalized product recommendations that went the extra mile. Analyzing browsing behavior and purchase history, the AI presented curated product picks that resonated deeply with each individual, resulting in customers who interacted with the AI converted at a rate of 6.21%, nearly triple the rate of non-interacting visitors (2.02%). This personalized touch not only boosted sales but also fostered brand loyalty.

Furthermore, Riley Watson leveraged the product discovery quiz feature on their homepage. This AI-powered quiz guided customers through a series of questions, ultimately recommending products best suited to their individual needs and preferences. This personalized approach not only simplified product discovery but also increased customer engagement.

Riley Watson's vision extended beyond initial purchases. They desired to encourage customers to explore further and discover complementary products. Manifest AI, with its understanding of individual preferences, identified enticing add-ons, seamlessly suggesting them within the conversation flow. This personalized approach led to a 143% higher add-to-cart rate for customers who interacted with the assistant, showcasing the effectiveness of AI in capturing customer interest and driving upselling opportunities.

Prior to Manifest AI, Riley Watson did not have a live chat platform in place, resulting in limited customer support options. The implementation of the AI assistant addressed this gap by providing 24/7 availability to handle customer inquiries. Manifest AI, with its ability to handle 97.57% of all customer conversations without human intervention, proved to be a game-changer. This not only improved customer response times but also significantly reduced operational costs associated with support staff.

The go-live of Manifest AI marked a turning point for Riley Watson's customer journey. By personalizing interactions, providing timely support, and driving sales through AI-powered recommendations, Manifest AI has demonstrably contributed to Riley Watson's success, paving the way for a future of enriched customer experiences and increased profitability. By combining brand identity with intelligent personalization, Riley Watson and Manifest AI have crafted a customer journey that is both elegant and efficient, paving the way for continued success.