10 Best Review Apps For Shopify In 2024

10 Best Review Apps For Shopify In 2024

Choosing the right review app for your Shopify store is crucial in building trust and credibility with potential customers. Reviews not only provide valuable feedback but also influence buying decisions by showcasing real customer experiences. In the vast Shopify ecosystem, numerous review apps offer various features to collect, manage, and display reviews effectively. From automated review request emails and photo reviews to detailed analytics and SEO benefits, each app brings something unique to the table. This blog will introduce you to the 10 best review apps for Shopify, highlighting their key functionalities and how they can enhance your store's reputation and sales. Whether you're a new store seeking to establish trust or an established brand looking to further engage your customers, this guide will help you navigate the options and select the app that best fits your needs.

10 Best Review Apps For Shopify


best review app for shopify

Yotpo is the best product review app for Shopify to help store owners collect and display customer reviews, photos, and Q&A. Its integration with Shopify makes it user-friendly, allowing for easy implementation and management of user-generated content.


  • Comprehensive Features: Yotpo offers a wide range of functionalities including review generation, moderation, and syndication, which can enhance SEO and increase conversions.
  • Social Integration: It allows the sharing of reviews on social media, broadening reach and influencing potential customers.
  • Loyalty Program: Yotpo also includes a loyalty and referrals system, helping to increase customer retention and acquisition.


  • Pricing: While Yotpo offers a free plan, advanced features are locked behind premium plans which can be expensive for small to medium-sized businesses.
  • Complexity: The abundance of features may require a learning curve for new users to fully utilize its capabilities.

Why Choose Yotpo: If you're looking for a comprehensive solution to leverage customer reviews for building trust, improving SEO, and enhancing customer engagement with the added benefit of a loyalty program, Yotpo is a robust option. Its wide array of features and strong Shopify integration make.

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best product review apps for shopify

Judge.me is one of the best review apps designed for Shopify stores, focusing on collecting and displaying product reviews to enhance customer trust and increase sales. It allows customers to easily leave feedback directly on your site, which can include text, photos, and videos. One of the major advantages of Judge.me is its affordability, offering a free plan with unlimited reviews, alongside a feature-rich paid plan that's competitively priced. The app also supports automated review request emails, helping merchants gather feedback efficiently after purchases.


  • Affordable pricing with a generous free tier.
  • Supports photo and video reviews, adding authenticity to customer feedback.
  • Automates review requests, saving time for store owners.
  • Integrates seamlessly with Shopify, enhancing the user experience.


  • Advanced customization options and some premium features are only available in the paid plan.
  • Newer or smaller stores might find it challenging to generate a large volume of reviews initially.

Why Choose Judge.me:
It offers a cost-effective solution for gathering and showcasing customer reviews, making it particularly appealing for small to medium-sized businesses looking to build credibility without a hefty investment. Its ease of use and integration capabilities make it a smart choice for any Shopify merchant aiming to leverage customer feedback for growth.


product reviews by shopify

Loox is a popular review management app designed for Shopify stores, primarily focusing on visual customer feedback through photo reviews. It is the best Shopify review app to encourage customers to share images of their purchases alongside their reviews, adding a layer of authenticity and visual appeal to your store.


  • Visual Appeal: Photo reviews can significantly enhance product pages, providing prospective customers with real-world images.
  • User-Friendly: The app is easy to install and navigate, offering automated review requests to save time.
  • Increased Trust: Visual testimonials help build trust with potential buyers, showcasing real-life usage of your products.


  • Cost: While offering valuable features, Loox comes with a monthly subscription fee, which might be a consideration for new or small stores.
  • Customization Limits: There may be some limitations in terms of customizing the appearance of reviews and widgets to perfectly match your store's design.

Why Choose Loox:
Opting for Loox is a strategic choice for stores prioritizing customer trust and engagement. Its focus on photo reviews offers a unique way to display products through the eyes of satisfied customers, potentially increasing conversion rates and providing valuable social proof.


best product review apps

Stamped.io is a user-generated content marketing platform that specializes in collecting and showcasing reviews, ratings, and Q&A for e-commerce businesses, including those using Shopify. It is the best review app for Shopify enabling stores to automate the process of requesting reviews from customers post-purchase, offering a variety of mediums such as text, photo, and video reviews.


  • Comprehensive Collection Tools: Stamped.io offers a wide array of options for gathering customer feedback, and enhancing product credibility.
  • SEO Optimization: The app helps improve search engine visibility through rich snippets, driving more organic traffic.
  • Customization: It allows for high levels of customization in how reviews are displayed, fitting seamlessly with a store's branding.


  • Price: While offering a free plan, advanced features require a subscription, which might be a consideration for smaller businesses.
  • Complexity: The vast array of features can be overwhelming for new users, requiring a learning curve to fully utilize its capabilities.

Choosing Stamped.io can be beneficial for businesses looking to leverage customer feedback for growth. Its ability to aggregate diverse forms of reviews and its impact on SEO makes it a compelling option for Shopify store owners aiming to enhance their online presence and credibility.

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Okendo is the best customer review app tailored for e-commerce sites, particularly those using Shopify. It specializes in capturing high-quality customer reviews, ratings, photos, and videos, empowering brands to build trust and enhance their online reputation. A key strength of Okendo is its focus on leveraging user-generated content to drive engagement and increase conversions.


  • Offers rich features for collecting and showcasing customer reviews, including user-generated photos and videos, which can significantly enhance product pages.
  • Advanced customization options allow brands to tailor the look and feel of review sections to match their site aesthetics.
  • Integrates well with other marketing tools, facilitating targeted review-driven marketing campaigns.


  • The pricing structure may be a consideration for smaller businesses or those just starting out, as advanced features come with higher-tier plans.
  • The platform’s extensive functionalities might require a learning curve for some users to fully leverage all its capabilities.

Choosing Okendo can be beneficial for Shopify store owners who prioritize building a strong brand community and leveraging customer feedback to drive sales. Its ability to generate authentic, detailed reviews makes it a powerful tool for improving product credibility and shopper confidence.

Fera Product Reviews

best customer review apps

Fera Product Reviews is the best free review app for Shopify designed for store owners to collect and display customer reviews. It allows merchants to add visually appealing review widgets to their sites, showcasing customer feedback, including photos and videos, which can significantly enhance the credibility of their products.


  • Customizable Widgets: Offers a range of customization options to match your store's design, enhancing the visual appeal.
  • Photo and Video Reviews: Enables customers to upload images or videos with their reviews, providing authentic visual proof of their purchases.
  • Automated Review Requests: Sends automated emails to customers asking for reviews, saving time and increasing review collection.


  • Learning Curve: Some users may find the array of customization options overwhelming at first.
  • Pricing: While it offers a free tier, advanced features require a paid plan, which might not suit all budgets.

Why to Choose Fera Product Reviews:
Selecting Fera is beneficial for stores prioritizing authenticity and visual customer feedback. Its ability to integrate photo and video reviews alongside customizable widgets can markedly improve shopper trust and potentially boost conversion rates, making it a solid choice for enhancing product credibility and shopper confidence.

Ali Reviews

review app for shopify

Ali Reviews is a Shopify app designed to streamline the process of collecting and showcasing customer reviews on your e-commerce store. This app is particularly beneficial for stores looking to import reviews directly from AliExpress, making it an ideal choice for dropshipping businesses. It offers features such as customizable review request emails, which encourage customers to leave feedback, and the ability to display reviews attractively on your site to build trust with potential buyers.


  • Easy import of reviews from AliExpress.
  • Customizable display options to match your store’s design.
  • Automated review request emails to engage customers post-purchase.


  • Primarily suited for dropshipping stores, which may not be applicable for all e-commerce models.
  • Dependence on external reviews means quality control can be challenging.

Choosing Ali Reviews can be advantageous for Shopify store owners looking to leverage customer feedback to enhance credibility and drive sales, especially those in the dropshipping niche. Its ease of use and integration with AliExpress reviews help create a richer, more trustworthy shopping experience for customers.

Rivyo Product Reviews

review apps for shopify

Rivyo Product Reviews is an application designed for Shopify stores to manage and showcase customer reviews and feedback efficiently. This tool enables merchants to collect valuable insights directly from their customers, presenting them prominently on their product pages.


  • Ease of Use: Rivyo offers a straightforward setup process, making it accessible even to those with minimal technical expertise.
  • Customer Engagement: Allowing customers to ask questions and leave reviews, it fosters a community of trust around your products.
  • Customization Options: Merchants can tailor the appearance of reviews to match their store's branding, ensuring a cohesive look.


  • Feature Limitations: Compared to some other review platforms, Rivyo might lack advanced analytics or more sophisticated review filtering options.
  • Dependency on Volume: The effectiveness of Rivyo hinges on getting a significant volume of reviews, which can be challenging for new or niche products.

Why to Choose Rivyo:
Rivyo Product Reviews is an excellent Shopify product reviews app for store owners looking for an affordable, user-friendly platform to start leveraging customer feedback to build credibility and trust. Its simplicity, combined with effective review display and engagement tools, makes it suitable for stores of all sizes aiming to enhance their social proof and connect more deeply with their customers.


best free review app for shopify

Trustpilot is a widely recognized platform that specializes in gathering and displaying customer reviews for businesses. Its main purpose is to foster transparency between companies and consumers by providing a space where customers can share their experiences openly.


  • Credibility: Trustpilot’s reputation enhances the trustworthiness of the reviews, giving potential customers confidence in their authenticity.
  • SEO Benefits: Reviews can positively impact your site’s search engine ranking, making your business more visible online.
  • Customer Insights: Feedback on Trustpilot offers valuable insights into customer satisfaction and areas for improvement.


  • Cost: For businesses, fully leveraging Trustpilot’s features can be costly, as some advanced options are behind a paywall.
  • Public Criticism: Negative reviews are publicly visible, which can potentially harm a business’s reputation if not managed properly.

Why Choose Trustpilot:
Choosing Trustpilot is beneficial for businesses looking to enhance their online presence and credibility. Its widespread recognition and the SEO advantages it provides make it a valuable tool for gathering customer feedback and improving services based on genuine customer experiences. However, businesses must be prepared to actively manage their profile, responding to both positive and negative reviews to maintain a positive image.


best review app for shopify

Bazaarvoice is a customer review management platform that specializes in gathering and displaying authentic customer feedback for businesses. This platform helps companies build trust with potential customers by showcasing real user experiences through reviews and questions & answers.


  • Wide Reach: Bazaarvoice has an extensive network, increasing the visibility of your reviews across multiple sites.
  • Authenticity: It emphasizes genuine reviews, helping to build consumer trust.
  • Insightful Analytics: Offers detailed insights into customer feedback trends, aiding in business strategy adjustments.


  • Complexity: Some users find the platform's extensive features overwhelming to navigate.
  • Cost: It can be more expensive than other review platforms, potentially making it less accessible for small businesses.

Choosing Bazaarvoice can be particularly beneficial for businesses looking to leverage a vast network for distributing and collecting reviews. Its focus on authenticity and the provision of valuable analytics make it a strong contender for companies aiming to deeply understand and engage their customer base, albeit considering the investment and complexity involved.

GPT-Powered AI Shopping Assistant For Shopify Store

ai shopping assistant

Introducing a GPT-powered AI shopping assistant, such as Manifest AI, to your Shopify store brings a transformative approach to customer interaction and service. This intelligent assistant is designed to streamline operations and enhance the shopping experience for your customers through a variety of features.

AI Support: Manifest AI offers real-time assistance, answering customer queries promptly and accurately. This level of support ensures customers can find the information they need quickly, improving their overall experience and satisfaction.

AI Search: The assistant enhances your store's search functionality, allowing customers to use natural language to find products. This intuitive search process helps customers navigate your store more efficiently, leading to better engagement and increased sales.

AI Nudges: By analyzing customer behavior, Manifest AI provides personalized product recommendations, gently guiding customers towards products they might like or offers that could interest them, thereby encouraging purchases and boosting conversion rates.

AI Quizzes: This feature engages customers in an interactive manner, gathering insights into their preferences and shopping behavior. The data collected is then used to tailor product recommendations, making the shopping experience more personalized and relevant.

Pricing: Manifest AI pricing starts from $39/month. A 14-day free trial is available.


In conclusion, selecting the best product review apps for your Shopify store is pivotal in fostering trust, enhancing credibility, and ultimately driving sales. Each of the 10 review apps highlighted offers unique features tailored to different needs, from generating customer feedback to displaying reviews attractively. Whether you're looking for simplicity, advanced analytics, or the ability to include customer photos, there's an app on this list that can meet your requirements. By carefully considering what each app has to offer, you can choose one that aligns with your business goals and enhances your customers' shopping experience, thereby contributing to your store's success.