How Does Silver Oak Accelerate its Acquisition by 26x with Conversational Ads Using BIK?

How Does Silver Oak Accelerate its Acquisition by 26x with Conversational Ads Using BIK?

Silver Oak is a real-estate developer based in Raipur, India. They develop residential and commercial properties across Central India and offer a range of housing solutions including apartments, villas, and plots. With over 25 years of experience in the real estate industry, Silver Oaks is committed to delivering quality properties at affordable prices.


Silver Oak was facing challenges in driving site bookings and conversions through its digital marketing campaigns. Their Instagram campaigns were not targeted or optimized, resulting in limited engagement from potential customers and low conversions. The brand needed a solution to improve the effectiveness of its digital marketing efforts and drive more site visits and eventually property bookings.


Silver Oak partnered with BIK to run conversational Click through WhatsApp ads to accelerate conversions to their site visits thereby improving their RoaS as well as reducing CAC. BIK implemented a conversational ad strategy across Facebook and Instagram ad platforms. The ads were designed to engage potential customers in a conversation about their property requirements and interests. Based on the responses, the customers were then directed to the project site that best matched their needs.


The ads ran as usual on Facebook and Instagram but redirected the users to WhatsApp with a pre-populated ice-breaker message. This removed the friction from the customers to type and send a message thereby saving the user drop-offs. With the first message, the lead’s contact details (name and phone number) were recorded automatically and stored in the BIK dashboard.

Post that, instantly a bot attended customer to check the user interest thereby automatically qualifying the lead. After qualification, the lead was automatically created in the Salesforce CRM (via integration) for the sales team to call.

The dropped-off leads were also nurtured via retargeting ads and WhatsApp broadcast campaigns with hyper-personalized messaging nudging them to either qualify or drop as junk leads. All of this happened instantly and seamlessly generating not only a higher top of the qualified funnel but also reducing the customer acquisition cost for the builder.

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The conversational ads helped Silver Oak in the following ways:

  1. Targeted leads: The ads were optimized constantly from the BIK’s dashboard, targeted at audiences who had shown interest in buying a property, allowing Silver Oak to engage only with genuinely interested customers.
  2. Personalized experience: The conversational experience allowed Silver Oak to understand the customer’s requirements and interests in detail. They were then able to direct the customers to the most relevant project sites, delivering a highly personalized experience.
  3. Accelerated conversions: The conversational ads helped Silver Oak engage customers instantly and direct them to the relevant project sites. This accelerated the conversion of leads to site visits, enabling the brand to improve its RoAS and reduce its CAC.
  4. Improved user experience: The conversational experience on the ads allowed customers to discuss their needs and interests openly before visiting the project sites. This improved their experience of discovering and shortlisting properties that matched their needs.


The conversational ad strategy proved highly effective for Silver Oak, helping them accelerate conversions by 26x and significantly reducing the CAC by 32%. The strategy also delivered a superior user experience, boosting customer satisfaction and loyalty. Overall, the campaign was a major success for Silver Oak.