Judge Me Integration with Manifest AI: How it Works

Judge Me Integration with Manifest AI: How it Works

Product reviews play a significant role in influencing customer purchase decisions. Statistics from 2023 show that 69% of customers are influenced by positive ratings or reviews when buying products. These reviews help establish trust and relationships between customers and sellers, enhancing customer satisfaction and retention.

Judge Me enables eCommerce stores to gather customer reviews through widgets and pop-ups. Combined with Manifest AI, this integration can present reviews to users at critical moments in their purchasing process, effectively driving higher conversions.

Read more about how it works and benefits the Shopify stores from it:

About Judge Me

Judge Me

Judge.me helps online stores build trust through customer reviews. JudgeMe helps e-commerce stores collect and display product & store reviews and other user-generated content.

About Manifest AI

manifest ai

Manifest AI is an AI shopping assistant powered by GPT technology, designed to enhance the efficiency of your online store's customer support. It integrates smoothly with your current systems, offering automated help and tailored responses to customer inquiries. With Manifest AI, you can streamline your support operations and guarantee every customer experiences timely and effective assistance.

Why Integrate Judge Me with Manifest AI?

Integrate Judge Me with Manifest AI to train your bot on customer reviews, Here are the reasons in detail:


  • Allow customers to access reviews conversationally: Help customers make a purchase decision by helping them conversationally access customer reviews.
  • Enhance your training data with customer reviews: Use customer reviews as a data source to answer queries. This is particularly helpful when the information customers ask for is not present in the product descriptions.
  • Send intelligent AI nudges: Send an AI-generated summary of customer reviews for a particular product to nudge customers to make a purchase/recover an abandoned cart.

Sample use cases

  • Help customers see the 5-star reviews for a particular product
  • Help customers get an AI-generated summary of reviews for your best-selling product
  • When a product is removed from the cart, send a message with the summary of the top reviews for that product to nudge them to add it back to the cart.

Manifest AI and Judge Me Integration Steps

Manifest AI and Judge Me Integration

Follow the simple steps to enable Manifest AI and Judge Me integration. The below steps need to be followed after installing Manifest AI from the Shopify app store.

  1. Start in Manifest AI: Begin by logging into your Manifest AI dashboard. This is where you’ll initiate the integration process.
  2. Navigate to Integrations: In the dashboard, locate the ‘Integrations’ section. This area lists various tools that can be connected with Manifest AI, including Judge Me.
  3. Select Judge Me: Click on Judge Me from the list of available integrations. You will then be asked to provide specific details related to your Judge Me account.
  4. Add it: Click on the "Add Integration" button.
  5. Add token details: Enter your public token and private token. You can find these tokens on the Judge.me app settings page, under Integrations > Developers > Judge.me API.
  6. Access it: Configure the settings as needed and start using Judge.me.