MageNative Integration with Manifest AI: How it Works

MageNative Integration with Manifest AI: How it Works

Ecommerce stores often install chatbots and AI shopping assistants on their website storefronts to manage routine customer inquiries and enhance the customer experience. Over time, many stores develop their own custom apps to offer a more personalized experience and strengthen brand loyalty.

Integrating a GPT-powered AI shopping assistant on your app is straightforward with tools like MageNative and Manifest AI. Like on a website, you can personalize customer support by installing an AI shopping assistant on your custom application.

Read more to understand the steps and benefits of this integration.

About MageNative

mobile app builder

With MageNative Mobile App Builder for the Shopify store, store owners can effortlessly transform their Shopify websites into fully-featured mobile apps equipped with all the functionalities present on the website and more.

About Manifest AI

ai shopping assistant

Manifest AI is an AI shopping assistant powered by GPT that enhances the efficiency of your online store's customer support. It integrates easily with your existing systems, offering automated help and customized responses to customer inquiries. With Manifest AI, you can simplify your support process and make sure every customer gets quick and effective assistance.

Manifest AI and MageNative Integration Steps

Manifest AI and MageNative Integration

Follow the simple steps to connect Manifest AI and Magenative:

Download Manifest AI: Download Manifest AI on your Shopify store and log in to the dashboard.

Navigate to integrations: Look for the ‘Integrations’ section in the dashboard. Here you will find various ecommerce tools that integrate with Manifest AI and select "Magenative" from the list.

Add MageNative: Click the plus icon and add the MageNative integration by adding the creds of your MageNative account.

Benefits of MageNative and Manifest AI Integration

Add the Manifest AI chat widget to your mobile apps built with MageNative to provide the same experience which your customers get on your websites with Manifest AI. Here are the benefits:

  • Similar to the website, you can customize how you want to position your Manifest AI widget and control which pages you want the widget to be displayed on.
  • Customize your AI assistant with the name, avatar, and greeting message for your mobile app as you do for your website.
  • Select the tone for your AI assistant that matches your brand. Options include Professional 😐, Playful 😉, Friendly 😄, and Empathetic 🙂. You can even set a custom tone if you prefer.
  • Engage your customers with proactive and contextual nudges based on the page they are on. Inform customers that your Manifest assistant can help them discover your store, find the right products, or answer any other questions they have. It includes 9 AI nudges such as home page, product page, add to cart, and abandoned cart recovery.
  • Like your website, it auto-syncs with your Shopify store and offers an option to train your AI assistant on your own data by adding FAQs, custom data, and addressing unsatisfactory responses.