Manifest AI Product Updates- Dec'23

Manifest AI Product Updates- Dec'23

Think of this as your early Christmas present, a gift that keeps on giving throughout the year. As the new year dawns, we at Manifest AI are brimming with excitement and a laser focus on revolutionizing your Shopify experience. This inaugural issue of our newsletter is your gateway to the cutting-edge AI tools and insights shaping the future of e-commerce. Buckle up, because we're about to propel your brand into the stratosphere of conversions and customer delight!

Product Updates: Unleashing the Power of AI

Here are the December 23 Product updates of Manifest AI

Boosting Revenue Streams

Manifest AI December Product Updates

We've opened new revenue gates with cart abandonment and checkout recovery features. Now, no sale slips away!

Nudging Customers to Conversion

Manifest AI December Product Updates

We're obsessed with enhancing the shopping experience, and our new nudge options are a testament to that.

Show off glowing product reviews, pique curiosity with AI-generated trivia, or suggest similar items to keep buyers engaged.

Buyer Chat UX Refined

We've polished the chat experience, adding online indicators, message counts, persistent replies, and sweet notification sounds – because every customer deserves a smooth journey.

Oh, and one more bonus update!

manifest ai product update

Merchants can now open the widget directly through a link, streamlining access and keeping

Unending Product Exploration

manifest ai product update december

After showcasing initial products, we've added a "Show More" option to keep users engaged and discover hidden gems, boosting conversion rates.

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Seamless Gorgias Integration

manifest ai update

Our Gorgias integration streamlines communication by automatically creating tickets for agent requests within your existing Gorgias account. Simply add your credentials and enjoy the effortless workflow.

Search Refinement

ai product update

Click on "Refine Results" to narrow down your search to specific catalogs, curated just for you. Merchants, customize this feature to showcase your preferred catalogs and guide your customers to the perfect picks.

Enhanced CRM Experience

ai crm update

We've upgraded the CRM experience, offering correct response options, improved message source visibility, and access to GPT-suggested quick replies within the inbox.

Sample Conversations for New Stores

crm shipping

New stores can now access pre-generated sample conversations across order tracking, confirmation, and other themes, giving them a head start.

Customer Location at a Glance

manifest ai product update

Unidentified customers will now have their location displayed alongside their name.

This is just a glimpse into the exciting world of Manifest AI!

We're constantly innovating, and the next edition of this newsletter promises even more groundbreaking updates, industry insights, and actionable strategies to propel your e-commerce journey in 2024.