Shop Galil's AI-Fueled Feast: 24x ROI & 50% Cost Savings with Manifest AI

Shop Galil's AI-Fueled Feast:  24x ROI & 50% Cost Savings with Manifest AI

Shop Galil wasn't your average online grocery store, they curated a premium selection of gourmet food, but there was a hitch: their digital experience lacked the same personalized touch they poured into their products. 

The Challenge: Product discovery and rising customer support costs

ShopGalil's goal was simple: provide personalized assistance to customers on their website. They wanted a solution that would:

  • Engage customers and educate them about ongoing sales, ultimately boosting conversion rates.
  • Reduce the workload on their support agents, handling common queries before escalating complex issues.

Their previous live chat platform, Shopify Inbox, wasn't cutting it. Customers, often speaking multiple languages like English and Hebrew, struggled to find the products they desired. Product-related questions were abundant, and trust was paramount in this market of specialty foods and diverse backgrounds.

The Solution: Serving Up Personalized Delights

ShopGalil partnered with Manifest AI to implement a sophisticated AI assistant specifically designed to address their unique needs. The goal? To provide personalized product recommendations, answer common customer questions, and reduce the workload on human agents.

The Setup & Bot Training: Building a Personalized AI Assistant

The first course involved understanding Shop Galil's unique offerings and customer base. The AI assistant trained itself on Shopify data, ensuring it possessed a deep understanding of product details, promotions, and order processes. 

shop galil

The AI assistant is trained by default to understand and respond to customer inquiries in multiple languages, including English and Hebrew, ensuring seamless communication for their diverse clientele. This built trust and confidence, ultimately leading to increased conversions.

product recommendation manifest ai
asked in Hebrew language

Go Live: Leveraging the Power of Personalized Recommendations

With the AI assistant meticulously trained, it was time to unveil it to the world. We worked closely with Shop Galil to ensure a smooth launch. Shop Galil understood the power of individual preferences. By integrating Manifest AI's intelligent tools, they offered each customer a unique journey. 

  • Personalized Product Recommendations: AI-powered algorithms analyzed customer purchase history and browsing behavior, suggesting relevant products with accuracy. This not only delighted existing customers but also guided new visitors towards selections they'd truly enjoy. Conversion rates increased by 102% for customers who interacted with the AI assistant.
  • Upselling & Cross-Selling =: The AI engine identified complementary products based on individual preferences, enticing customers to explore further and increase their average order value. The add-to-cart rate for customers who interacted with the AI was 143% higher than those who didn't. This demonstrates how AI can capture customer interest and encourage them to explore further.
shop galil ai
  • Data-Driven Insights: By analyzing customer interaction and purchase patterns, Manifest AI provided valuable insights into customer preferences, enabling Shop Galil to tailor marketing campaigns and product offerings for maximum impact.
  • Enabling buyer-facing entry points: The AI assistant was readily available on product pages, the homepage, and within the chat window, offering immediate assistance
shop galil ai chatbot
  • Feedback for continuous improvement: Shop Galil's favorite feature became our CSAT score gathering via AI, it not only gathers valuable customer insights but also learns and adapts, ensuring we constantly refine our AI assistant to deliver exceptional interactions
Shop Galil metrics

Beyond delighting customers, Shop Galil sought to optimize their operations. This AI assistant took on a large chunk of customer interactions – 91.9%, reducing the workload on human agents. 

ShopG Chat answered routine questions instantly, freeing up human agents for more complex inquiries. This 24/7 availability significantly reduced wait times and boosted customer satisfaction. With the AI handling repetitive tasks, human agents could focus on resolving intricate issues, leading to faster resolution times and improved customer service quality. By automating basic inquiries, Shop Galil minimized the need for extensive agent training, saving time and resources.

Shop Galil's success isn't just about impressive numbers; it's about the power of AI to transform the e-commerce landscape. By seamlessly integrating personalized recommendations, multilingual support, and proactive guidance, the AI assistant has transformed the online shopping experience for both Shop Galil and their customers. By leveraging AI for customer engagement and operational efficiency, they not only achieved financial success but also freed up valuable resources to focus on strategic initiatives.