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15 Top Shopify Stores To Check Out In 2024

15 Top Shopify Stores To Check Out In 2024

Discover the constantly shifting world of online shopping by perusing our carefully chosen list of 15 best Shopify Stores that will be big in 2024. With their creative product offerings and eye-catching design aesthetics, these online shops epitomize e-commerce innovation. Explore a wide range of brands from different industries that each have their own approach to user experience and consumer interaction. These top Shopify stores provide you a peek into the future of retail in the digital era, whether you're looking for ideas for your own business ventures or are just curious about the newest trends in online shopping.

Essential Elements Of Outstanding Shopify Stores

An outstanding successful Shopify Stores goes beyond just having great products. It's about creating a seamless and trustworthy shopping experience that converts visitors into customers. Here are some key elements that set them apart:

Strong Foundation

Memorable Domain Name: Your domain name should be easy to remember, spell, and reflect your brand. Ideally, it should also be available as a social media handle for consistency.

Mobile-Friendly Design: In today's world, most shoppers browse on their phones. Your store needs to be responsive and function flawlessly on all devices.

Secure Payment Gateway: Customers need to trust that their financial information is safe. Use a reputable payment gateway to ensure a secure checkout process.

User Experience

Easy Navigation and Searchability: Your store should be intuitive to navigate. Clear menus, logical category breakdowns, and a well-functioning search bar are essential for a positive user experience.

High-Quality Product Images and Descriptions: Professional product photos showcase your items in the best light. Detailed and informative descriptions should highlight features, and benefits, and address any potential questions.

Customer Reviews and Testimonials: Social proof builds trust. Positive reviews and testimonials from satisfied customers can significantly increase conversions.

15 Top Shopify Stores List

Some of the most popular shopify stores, whose accomplishments include attracting large amounts of investment and sales, are included in this section.


Asphalte is an innovative men's clothing brand, headquartered in France (founded 2016, revenue $1M-$5M), is shaking things up in the fashion world with their unique pre-order model. Their mission? To eliminate waste by producing high-quality garments based on what their customers truly want.

But how do they know what to make?  Here's the genius part: They leverage customer surveys directly within their Shopify store.  This not only personalizes the clothing experience, but also empowers customers to influence fashion trends.

What makes them stand out?  Their in-store product survey creates a truly engaging shopping experience.  It gamifies the process of choosing and customizing clothing, potentially making you a loyal customer for life.

Riley Watson Jeweller

Headquarters: Ontario, Canada
Revenue: <$5 Million
One of the most successful retail Shopify stores, Riley Watson Jewellery is designed with clear, helpful information right on the homepage. Navigation is streamlined into well-defined sections like “Rings,” “Necklaces,” and “Bracelets,” making it easy for users to find what they need. The website layout ensures that once customers arrive, they have little reason to leave, thanks to its engaging and user-friendly design.

Why they are doing well:
Riley Watson Jewellery enhanced its customer interaction by partnering with Manifest AI to integrate a sophisticated AI assistant into its online store. This assistant provides personalized guidance, enhancing the shopping experience by offering relevant product information and answering inquiries in real time. The implementation led to increased customer satisfaction, improved engagement, and notably higher sales, demonstrating the significant impact of tailored AI on their business success.

Riley Watson Jewellery handled 97% of support with Manifest AI & 143% Higher Add to Carts, read the full case study here

Lulu and Georgia

Lulu and Georgia is a Los Angeles-based Shopify store (US, $1M-$5M revenue) that understands the power of letting their products do the talking.  The homepage explodes with stunning, large-scale images, showcasing their designs in all their glory.

But beauty isn't just skin deep.  The layout is thoughtfully crafted, mirroring the organization of a high-end magazine.  Browsing this site is akin to flipping through a curated collection of design inspiration.

And the inspiration doesn't stop at products.  Their blog is a vibrant tapestry of stories, color, and design musings.  It's clear this brand isn't just selling products – they're cultivating a lifestyle.


Culver City, California's Parachute (US, $15M-$25M revenue) is a masterclass in creating an inviting online experience.  The moment you land on their homepage, you're enveloped in a sense of cozy luxury – thanks to a full-screen video and warm, inviting messaging.

Decision fatigue? Not here.  Parachute understands that simplicity is key.  Their navigation features just three easily identifiable categories, ensuring visitors can find what they're looking for instantly.

But the customer love doesn't stop there.  The elegant white theme with pops of pink perfectly complements their luxurious products.  And to further build trust and encourage conversions, they showcase a plethora of photo reviews from satisfied customers.  It's clear that Parachute prioritizes both comfort and customer satisfaction.

Mitchell Brands

Headquarters: United States

About Mitchell Brands: Mitchell Brands specializes in developing and marketing innovative skincare products tailored for diverse skin tones and types. Their products focus on safety and effectiveness, catering to customers who prioritize natural and beneficial ingredients.

How Manifest AI Helped: Manifest AI implemented a GPT chatbot on Mitchell Brands' website to educate customers in real-time about product ingredients and their benefits. The chatbot also offers personalized recommendations and assists in upselling.

Outcomes of the Implementation: The GPT chatbot delivered a 37x return on investment through enhanced product recommendations and sales support. Customer satisfaction improved due to faster and more accurate responses, and the chatbot's efficiency in handling routine queries significantly reduced the workload of support staff.

How Manifest's AI Shopping Assistant Transformed Mitchell Brands, read the full case study here


Westlake Village, California's Ember (US, $15M-$25M revenue) isn't just another Shopify store selling mugs. They're redefining the hot beverage experience with a product as innovative as it is practical: a mug that keeps your drink at the perfect temperature.

Their secret weapon? A focus on originality and highlighting the clear advantages of their product.  The homepage boldly positions Ember as the "smarter than your thermos" solution, empowering you to control your mug's temperature with a simple tap on your smartphone. It's clear Ember understands that convenience and customization are paramount for today's coffee and tea lovers.

Rebecca Minkoff

Step into a world of luxury with Rebecca Minkoff's captivating Shopify store (US, $75M-$100M revenue).  Here, product images reign supreme – crisp, magazine-quality photographs that showcase each piece with stunning detail.  It's more than just browsing products; it's an immersive experience, transporting you to a chic boutique.

The secret sauce?  Rebecca Minkoff understands the power of visual storytelling.  Their images go beyond mere product displays – they inspire.  By showcasing their designs on beautiful models, they allow customers to envision themselves rocking the looks, igniting a desire to recreate those styles. Get ready to fall in love with Rebecca Minkoff's collection, and maybe even yourself in it.


JOVS specializes in high-tech beauty devices, offering a range of products that blend sophisticated technology with user-centric design. Their focus is on delivering effective, safe, and personalized beauty solutions to enhance user experience.

How Manifest AI helped JOVS: Manifest AI equipped JOVS with an AI assistant that was trained extensively on their products and customer behaviors. This assistant delivers precise, customized responses, enhancing trust and customer independence from human support. It was integrated across JOVS's website and social media to ensure easy and natural interactions. By analyzing user interactions, the AI provides personalized product recommendations, significantly increasing conversion rates and encouraging larger purchases through intelligent upselling and cross-selling.

How JOVS have installed AI-powered Personalized Recommendations & 95% Customer Service Automation using Manifest AI, read the full case study here

Sunday Somewhere

This Australian gem (revenue under $5 million) proves that a Shopify store can be both visually captivating and effortlessly navigable. They've struck the perfect balance between stunning visuals and informative text, ensuring visitors are instantly drawn to their unique products.

But the star power doesn't stop at design.  Head over to their "As Worn By" section and discover A-listers like Elizabeth Banks, Jessica Alba, and Anne Hathaway rocking the brand's products. This strategic use of celebrity endorsements adds a layer of legitimacy and social proof, further propelling their cool factor.


London's Nutriseed (revenue under $5 million) is more than just a Shopify store selling health products – it's a thriving hub for the vegan and healthy eating community.  They've garnered a stellar reputation, boasting over 10,000 "Nutri Fans" who rave about their products, awarding them a perfect 5-star rating.

What's their secret sauce?  Nutriseed isn't afraid to leverage the power of their loyal customer base.  Throughout their Shopify store, you'll find glowing customer reviews – complete with selfies! –  letting their fans become the voice of the brand.  This strategic use of social proof builds trust and strengthens the sense of community, solidifying Nutriseed's position as a leader in the plant-based nutrition industry.

Pura Vida Bracelets

Hailing from sunny La Jolla, California (US, $50M-$75M revenue), Pura Vida is a shining example of a Shopify store that effortlessly manages an extensive product range.  Here, design and functionality intertwine beautifully – no clutter, just pure browsing bliss.  Their navigation is intuitive and user-friendly, ensuring a smooth journey to your perfect Pura Vida piece.

But what truly sets them apart?  Their product descriptions are a breath of fresh air.  Positive and bursting with personality, they utilize a casual, conversational tone that perfectly reflects the brand's laid-back, beachy vibe.  It's like having a friend introduce you to their favorite finds, making the shopping experience warm, inviting, and anything but ordinary.

Meow Meow Tweet

Meow Meow Tweet, a delightful company based in Accord, NY (revenue: $1M-$5M), is proof that creativity and cats are a winning combination.  Inspired by their feline companions and artistic flair, founders Jeff and Tara have crafted a line of soaps as unique as their brand name.  And their Shopify website reflects that same pawsome personality!

What makes them stand out?  Brand differentiation is their middle name.  They've harnessed the power of Shopify to create a truly unique online experience.  Special mention goes to their adorable animal illustrations that add a touch of whimsy to every corner of the website.  It's clear that Meow Meow Tweet isn't afraid to let their fur fly, and that playful spirit is contagious.


Tattly, a Brooklyn-based gem (revenue: $5M-$10M), knows the art of luring you into a delightful browsing adventure on their Shopify store.  Unlike many websites that spoon-feed you information, Tattly lets their products do the talking.  An image-based menu replaces text categories, enticing you to visually explore their temporary tattoo collections.

But the intrigue doesn't stop there.  Large, high-quality product images are interspersed with ample white space, creating a clean and inviting canvas.  The strategic use of eye-catching illustrations adds another layer of playful discovery, keeping you clicking and wanting more.  Tattly understands that sometimes, a little mystery goes a long way in sparking customer engagement.


BioLite, a Brooklyn-based force for good (revenue: $15M-$25M), is more than your average Shopify store selling outdoor gear.  This company is driven by a passionate team of engineers and designers on a mission: empowering people to cook, charge, and light their way, even off the grid.

But BioLite isn't just about selling products, they're about creating positive impact.  Their Shopify store goes beyond product descriptions, weaving a powerful narrative around their mission.  Compelling statistics showcase the real-world difference BioLite is making.  BioLite products have helped offset a staggering 1.3 million tons of CO2, and for those who've switched from traditional cooking methods, BioLite estimates a cost saving of $173 per year on fuel.

It's clear that BioLite prioritizes both innovation and social impact.  Their Shopify store effectively combines function with purpose, making it a compelling destination for the eco-conscious adventurer.

Venus et Fleur

Venus et Fleur isn't your typical flower shop.  This innovative brand, based in the US (revenue: $8.4M), has redefined the gifting experience with their luxurious "eternity flowers" – real blooms that defy nature by lasting a year, not a week.  Their Shopify store is a testament to their dedication to exquisite design and lasting impact.

But what truly sets them apart?  Venus et Fleur is a masterclass in brand building.  They've cultivated a loyal following of over 600,000 on Instagram, collaborating with renowned names like Perrier-Jouët, Jojo Anavim, and Susan Miller.  Their stunning arrangements have graced the pages of the New York Times and Vogue, further solidifying their reputation for luxury.  It's no surprise that social media royalty like Gigi Hadid and the Kardashians have proudly featured Venus et Fleur in their posts.

Weaver Leather

Weaver Leather Supply, a US-based powerhouse (revenue: $20.6M), isn't just another leather goods retailer on Shopify. They've carved a unique niche by becoming a trusted resource for leatherworkers of all levels.

Their secret weapon?  A content marketing coup on YouTube.  Boasting over 280,000 subscribers and a library exceeding 500 videos, Weaver Leather Supply has amassed over 30 million views since 2010.  Their YouTube channel isn't just about entertainment – it's an educational haven.  They offer a wealth of informative content, from beginner tutorials to expert techniques.  But the genius lies in the seamless integration of education with sales.  Videos often showcase the very tools Weaver Leather Supply sells, strategically placed for viewers to easily transition from learning to purchasing.


Within the always-changing domain of online shopping, these 15 best shopify websites are notable instances of creativity and superiority. They provide insightful advice for anyone wishing to start or improve an online store, from emphasizing the customer experience to creating brand narratives and using social proof. Explore these motivating locations in-depth to see the possibilities that Shopify presents to companies of all sizes.