How Winston Drives 30x ROI by Using the BIK Platform

How Winston Drives 30x ROI by Using the BIK Platform

Started in 2021, Winston has very quickly reached the doors of beauty care customers. With the moto of – ‘The joy of saloon beauty at home’, Winston delivers high-quality personal care and grooming tools aimed at giving you professional results without the need to step out of your home.


The personal care brand was looking to drive revenue through multiple sales channels but had reached stagnation. The customer acquisition cost was growing with stricter data collection policies (iOS 13 update) restricting ad efficiency and adversely affecting advertisement conversions. Winston was looking for a platform cum partner who could help reduce their CAC and drive more revenues at the same time.


BIK helped Winston optimize their current ads using Click-through-WhatsApp-Ads (CTWA). The ads captured customer details with the 1st message without explicitly asking for them. The customer data platform on BIK retargeted the dropped-off customer with personalized messages and the Ads platform sync optimized the performance of the ads to target a set of audiences based on the latest customer persona captured on BIK.


winston case study
Conversational ads journey from Facebook to purchase WhatsApp chat

Winston was already running ads on Facebook and Instagram where the customers were redirected to the product landing pages with an average conversion rate of around 2%. We started running the same ads on Facebook and Instagram but redirected the customers to WhatsApp chat (CTWA) with a set of pre-filled ice-breakers.

The idea was to increase the conversion rate on WhatsApp as well as capture most of the dropped-off leads to nurture it further. A targeted chatbot was set in place to instantly attend to customer queries and direct them to purchase on chat. Entire product discovery and ordering happened on WhatsApp with no redirection saving the customer to log in or enter their contact details thereby saving the customer drop-offs.

For retargeting, the converted customer data was fed back to the Facebook ads manager and the ads were optimized to create ‘look-alike’ cohorts so that the next ads were shown a similar audience improving the ads performance. Also, the dropped-off customers were retargeted via broadcasting on BIK with hyper-personalization based on the intent captured from the Customer data platform on BIK.

whastapp broadcast
The dropped off users are re-targeted either via BIK WhatsApp broadcast or Facebook ad manager reducing CAC


The brand was able to achieve an 8% conversion rate from the CTWA ad run with BIK (4 times better than the current ad performance) generating a RoaS of 11x. Seeing the results the customer has migrated 90% of the current ad spending on Facebook to CTWA with BIK.